It’s just my brain

I am in a bit of a depression. In a world where people are always trying to find a cause for everything, I have to remember it’s not my fault. I have a biochemical mental illness, always have, always will have to fight it, although I hope not to the extent ever again that I have had to in the past.

I had just written a long post only to have it erased when my computer froze. So frustrating!

“Through faith, I have the confidence to do more and be more; I am revitalized in mind and body; and I am uplifted and strengthened in countless ways.”

Today I have begun working on our household budget, which is a big undertaking, but it will really help both B and myself feel better once I do it and we can track everything.

The other main thing I did today is really work on Ralph’s training. He is doing really well for a puppy. I can say that having been around tons of puppies and dogs my whole life. He is potty trained. And he will sit, come, responds to “no” pretty well, and just follows me around. The main thing we worked on today was crate training. He is kind of traumatized by his crate because he still associates it with us leaving the house so I was really working to get him comfortable in it by giving him treats in there, and all of the other things I have learned to get him comfortable, and now he will go in and out by himself. He really likes his carrier and will sleep in it on the couch. I am almost wondering if he should just sleep in that at night. He has made it his little home/home base, which is how it is supposed to be. But I hope I am doing training right. My main worry is getting him to heel on the leash before he gets too big so he doesn’t pull me and cause me a lot of pain with my nerve disorder. I have always had trouble getting dogs to heel. So that is what we’re going to work on tomorrow; I’m going to watch some YouTube videos on how to do it. Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “It’s just my brain

  1. Making a budget is HARD, but it does feel so good. This is our first month really working with one and keeping up with it and spreadsheets and all. It’s a challenge but knowing we are in control of our spending helps so much.

    Hugs to you!!!

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