Focus on Health

I know that with this little guy…

I can do well.

I had a 5-day good streak. Then hard day and a half. I am back today.

Following a mindset of Tina’s words: Focus on the feeling of health.

I know what that means to me. I am keeping that in my mind all the time. It takes patience at first, usually two days, to get that feeling back. And I just know I can hold it. I believe I am worth holding it. I am the only one who knows me.

I keep coming across things about letting the past go. I can do that. I found an AMAZING new blog yesterday that is so inspiring to me and makes me feel not so alone in my ‘strange’ story.

I am focusing on health. Trying to find the best way of holding myself ‘accountable’ (although that really isn’t the right word) for that. I really like to write things down but don’t know if I want to post them on here. I am thinking about doing private posts for that part. Or in my journal/a new notebook. It’s a good feeling to know what that focus is and be excited about it. And patient, need to be patient.

Question for you today/Advice I need: I have to decide by tonight which day I want to get married so I can book the place. (We decided on the one in the mountains. 🙂 ). The choice is between the 23rd and 30th of June. The 23rd is perhaps to close to my birthday. The 30th perhaps to close the the 4th of July. Might be hotter on the 30th but it’s cooler up in the mountains in the evening. I don’t know which to pick! Such a big decision.


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