Ralph’s Recommended Reading

Recommended Book: The Color of the Sea by John Hamamura

I finished this book recently. Highly recommended! It is about a Japanese-American family in WWII (and is based on the author’s real family). They are involved in nearly every facet of the war. The main character works for the U.S. Army as a Japanese language instructor and interpreter. His extended family is put into an internment camp, and the rest of his family still living in Japan survive the bombing of Hiroshima. Very philosophical and beautifully written.

Condition to Learn About: Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

I actually have Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome (TTS), as well as neuritis in that area, and before I was ‘taken down’ with this condition. For me, TTS is part of a larger, more systemic problem, but that isn’t always the case. I wrote this article about TTS that includes information about what it is, how it arises, treatments, and coping.

There isn’t very much information out there about TTS. I don’t even feel that there has even been very much research done on it. Cases are very variable and it can be way more debilitating than it sounds (I know that, for me, it has been the hardest part of my nerve problems), so I just want people to know that and not to feel alone if they don’t relate to the general treatments that are put out there. I think that isn’t that unusual.

*As usual, I am not a doctor.

And who is Ralph? MY NEW PUG PUPPY! 🙂 We got him last night!



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