A Good Day of Writing

What a nice day today.

Nice afternoon weather. I got some writing done on a new fiction project that I am really excited about. I have several projects going right now -a couple that are on the novel track, and a couple short stories. None of them are finished yet. The first novel I started about a year ago, I feel like taking a real break from right now because I feel like I was trying too hard with it and it wasn’t fun anymore. Then I got this creative idea for a new story and I’m just going with it and it’s actually really fun.

So I had a good swim today, though I wish I would have gone for five more minutes. They can’t wait to go tomorrow. And I got writing done, and I enjoyed it. I feel like I am really starting to believe in myself. I have more peace and patience with life. I am excited about my projects.

I loved June. 🙂

I can do this. I believe in myself. Sometimes I get really frustrated still, but overall I do have more peace and patience and faith in myself. I am amazed in the change in me within the last year.

Hope you all are having a good day. I hope you can see your growth in every day. Peace to you.


4 thoughts on “A Good Day of Writing

  1. I love your excitement for the projects! It’s exciting to me even to hear about it.
    And when something flows, that’s the one we should pursue. I truly think that besides the occasional bout of writer’s block and the editing process, what we write should feel somewhat effortless. 🙂

  2. What a positively vibrant post! I am so excited about your writing lol!! I’d love to read it someday 🙂

    “Some growth”…well, I see a tiny surge – and then 10 steps back…

    Baby steps.

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