What’s going on around here

I had a really good Memorial Day weekend. Went over to a friend’s house who was in town several days and had great BBQ’s out by their pool.

I got some really good perspective on Sunday.

And did well Monday, really felt alive again and saw the good things in life.

What’s going on around here:

  1. I got a job interview. Wow. It’s to be a client services coordinator at an animal hospital near here. Aka my dream job. I am so nervous, not about the interview, but about what the job would be like regarding my nerve disorder. I still don’t really get how to address my disability (except that I know that you don’t bring it up until after you are hired).
  2. Feeling well the last few days. 🙂
  3. Got some writing done today and am applying for a writing job tonight. I am entering a short story contest that has a deadline at the end of June. It’s with a local publisher that I am really hoping to pursue things with further later on.
  4. I am trying to work on keeping perspective in life. And doing well at getting into meditation/controlling my emotions lately.  It is calming.

4 thoughts on “What’s going on around here

  1. Woohoo job interview!! Congrats and GOOD LUCK!! You should post the short story when you’re done with it, if you’re happy with it… what’s it about?

  2. You are amazngly positive. Its amazing.
    Your latest post about a past book you read and stuff..what book was it?
    And I “get” what you are saying….thanks for sharing that.

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