Wise Choices

“When we are troubled or confused, it is human nature to turn to others and ask, “What do you think?” Feeling the need to search outside ourselves for answers is understandable, but I am blessed when I keep in mind that my guidance is not outside of me. It is within. I need only be still enough to hear. Following this lead, I make wise choices.”

Goals in general:

  • Maintain Weight
  • Increase Health and Nutrients
  • Slow steps toward dreams
  • Love myself
  • Cope well
  • Enjoy Life


1.) Have patience with life. Work on writing step-by-step. Work towards long-term goals step-by-step. Enjoy life in the meantime.

2.) No binging and…

3.) No eating late at night.

4.) Increase nutrients and protein.

5.) Practice eating snacks in the daytime – especially smoothies, apples, etc.

6.) Minimal drinking

Long-Term Plan:

Write first draft by end of August, market in the fall; continue writing articles.

Apply to PA school in the fall

If one or both of those don’t work out, start Master’s January 2012 to manage vet clinic.


I wrote this yesterday. I DID make wise choices yesterday. Go me!

Today is about accepting the pace of life, my life.


7 thoughts on “Wise Choices

  1. Great list! Just remember to be forgiving as well towards yourself if it doesn’t go perfect right away (sometimes we need a little adjustment period).. but I am confident you will do really well 🙂

  2. Hi! You left a comment before on my blog 🙂 just wanting to share with you a link on interview of two Buddhism monks which I thought was really good.. might be useful to you, I certainly found it really enlightening 🙂

  3. Whoa…so inspiring. What are you writing?! Fiction? I didn’t realize how much you wanted to write! Do you have struggles with binging as well? I do …very, very bad 😦

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