PMS Amnesia

Hello, everyone!

I am so excited! I can’t even tell you. This Dragon dictation program works so well, right out of the box. I should be a spokesperson for them and get paid for this. πŸ˜‰ I practiced it and wrote for nearly 3 hours last night. I wrote over three pages and it only made a few mistakes.

Anyway, I am feeling much happier, more productive, and satisfied.

Writing a book is hard. Not that I thought it wouldn’t be. I think the writing part is easy. The words flow pretty well. I’m just struggling with brainstorming what the overall point and outline of my book will be. In situations like this, like when I used to have to write essays in school, sometimes I just WRITE. It feels better, and sometimes really is more productive, to just write, to just get something down on paper. I’m hoping ideas will spring from that, and I know that whatever I write right now I will use as part of the content of my book later.

It’s pretty hot here today. In the 90s again. Our apartment stays cooler than outside because it’s north facing. I usually feel pretty well in warmer temperatures. The only things is that my knees sometimes hurt more in my legs get achy. I heat so I’m not complaining too much. πŸ™‚

PMS Amnesia:

I just want to document this now, and see if anyone else has ever experiences. Then I can read about it later and remind myself (when not amnesia part kicks in).

Every month, I struggle with all the symptoms around the time of my period. I know everybody does. But I guess what I mean is that I struggle with forgetting what the symptoms are every month. I forget, and then all these things start racing through my mind about what is causing them. For instance, I always feel more puffy and bloated. I forget this will go away after my period is over. I start freaking out that I gained weight or that I am getting un-toned because of my nerve disorder (because I can’t work out if I want to). I get terrible body image issues going on. It’s not just because I don’t like the way look. It’s because I think I will look that way forever. I think something changed and that is going to be permanent. But it’s not. I need to remember that. I realize this several months ago, and I mean several. So I’m getting a little better about part. But the part I really am starting to think about now is whether or not some of my anxiety and depression, and actually some of my pain, is due to my monthly cycle. This month I was just thinking about how I do will do well for a while, and then all of a sudden I will have a period where I have super anxiety and am really depressed. I mean, I always struggle with these issue, often throughout the month, but I’m wondering if there worst around the time of my period. And think about that next month if I get afraid about how depressed and getting again.

Do you ever get this sort of PMS amnesia? Let’s remember next month that it’s only temporary! I am going to take note of this anxiety/depression thing again, and what I notice about nerve pain. And I’m going to continue to work on my body image issues during that time.


4 thoughts on “PMS Amnesia

  1. It’s so nice that the dictation program works! That means we get longer and more frequent posts? πŸ™‚

    I wish I could follow your hint for PMS. I get all sorts of PMS amnesia. I just hate the thing. And I don’t even have too many symptoms because I am on the pill. My sister is in pain every single time. But still… I just hate the thing.

  2. That’s amazing that you can just write as much as you like now!! I agree that it is great to just begin with writing anything that you are thinking, just to put all the stuff going on in your head down onto paper (or computer) – for me it often gets the ideas flowing…
    I have never really noticed any specific pms symptoms since I have been on the pill for forever, but now I had to go off the pill and am trying to chart my cycle – so I hope I figure it out by doing that, and that it helps me beat the pms amnesia… πŸ˜‰ up until now the only symptoms I have are zits and a little bloating, not too horrible!

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