Dragon dictation

I am practicing with my new dictation program. It’s called Dragon Naturally Speaking Dictation 11. It has hardly made any mistakes so far. I am so impressed with this program, especially compared to the Microsoft one that I tried earlier that was free. We got this one off of Amazon.com for only $59.95. You can bold words, capitalize words, say commands, and make corrections all by the use of your voice. It’s very accurate and I have hardly had to use the mouse at all. I am dictating this into Microsoft Word, but you can actually use Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer. You can search for things or add a website into the address bar. I haven’t tried it with WordPress yet, but I bet I could get it to work. It even automatically capitalized Mozilla Firefox and WordPress for me right now. Awesome, isn’t it? I wish I would’ve discovered this long time ago. I must say my fiancé is amazing. He asked his dad for his advice on the best dictation program out there and this is what they came up with.

You can even move the cursor to the end of a sentence, etc. I wish you guys could see how cool this is!

It’s pretty hot here today, in the 90s. It feels nice to me. There’s even a slight breeze. I really love it here.

So my goal with this dictation program and with my writing is the following:

• Write for two hours each day Sunday through Wednesday.
• Write two articles per week.

So included in the two hours each day, the writing requirement can be filled with either working on my book or writing an article. I really think I can do this. I don’t think it’s too ambitious, and I can obviously do more if I want to. But I think it’s a realistic goal. It feels really good to have a plan. It feels, honestly, like I am actually, finally working on something.

I am so excited right now! The only thing I really need to practice is using the Internet with this, and saving documents, etc. What I mean is-I need to work on navigating inside of a window. I can’t wait to show B this! He’s going to be so excited!

So that is what I’ve been doing today. Remember when I wrote my list of things I need? I am really optimistic that this will check off option number three: “to feel like I’m making progress on writing and towards making money”. This means to feel like I am working on my future, and on something for me. I have all these ideas in my head and now I feel like I can actually do something with them. Now that at least one hindrance is removed, it’s up to me to put in the work, to believe in myself, and to just do it. I just feel so productive today, and it feels SO good.

Have you ever used a dictation program? The directions and advertising for this don’t say anything about it being used for people with carpal tunnel syndrome, who can’t use their arms, who have broken arm, or whose arms just hurt on the computer for some unknown known reason (like me). Some people uses professionally to dictate e-mails etc., but I think I would be really annoying. However, I would really recommend this for anyone who has carpal tunnel syndrome or any similar condition.

What’s a problem recently that you have brainstormed a solution for? We are always problem-solving things. Sometimes our solutions work, and sometimes they don’t. But it feels good to develop a solution. This is actually a DBT skill. I guess if a solution doesn’t work, you try to find another one. I guess it feels good to just never gave up trying to find one. Sometimes you can’t solve an exact problem, but you can find something that will help that problem or will help the piece of you that that problem is hurting.

In DBT they say that there are four options human beings have when we are in distress:
1. Problem-solve the situation.
2. Change your interpretation of the situation or how you feel about it.
3. Do nothing and stay miserable.
4. Accept what you cannot change and go back to problem-solving what you can change.

I think this last one is very important. It sort of combining numbers one and two. It’s an in between. I need to remember that.

*I had a lot of things in bold, etc, but my computer is having some kind of problem with JavaScript.


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