What I need

Well, I need a lot of things! But this refers to the list that B suggested I make about three things that would help me right now, in lieu of my really hard week this last week.

You see, I have been REALLY down about my nerve disorder, being scared about it and about the relapse I had with pain last week…and then feeling stuck in the apartment and so unfulfilled and it was (is) just indescribably HARD!

The is my list of what I need:

  1. Doggie – I NEED dogs in my life, I am so lonely when I am all alone here in the evenings, and have been getting homesick. Last week I cried every day because I miss my old basset hound that died in August and my mom
  2. To get out of the house 1 day per week (1 week day) – Solution (since I worked on this): to volunteer one day outside of the house —> I have an orientation set up at the animal shelter in town next Friday…how I am going to get there has yet to be resolved but I am going to go check it out.
  3. A way to feel like I am WORKING on something, my writing or otherwise. Solution (for now): buy me a real dictation program (B’s dad said the best one is Dragon Dictation) so I can work on my book. I want to just work work work! I have so much in me and I want to work HARD! Also, we succeeded in getting the 20 pages I have already written off of my old computer that had crashed so I have that now! Yay!

I need these things, I am trying so hard to set them up. I still feel like I am not doing anything, but looking at this list, I feel like I have started SOMETHING, right?!

*Again, ignore my typos…my arms hurt too much to navigate around and fix things 😦

On a positive note, I watched the Royal Wedding today and it was MAGICAL. I was jumping up and down in my chair the whole time! 🙂


4 thoughts on “What I need

  1. I think that volunteering is a fantastic way to stay busy. And to keep things in perspective.

    When I left my job at CBS a few years ago I was kind of depressed…flailing around sort of confused as to what to do next. So I started volunteering, teaching computer skills to recently paroled inmates. It was amazing. I learned so much from them and realized just how good I have it.

    Have a lovely weekend my friend! The weather is going to be stunning. I hope that cheers you up!

    • Definitely does cheer me up about the weather! I totally agree about volunteering, I volunteered a lot before I moved here and it really helped me get through my fiance’s deployment. Transportation is a big issue for me but I am determined to do something!

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