In the Moment

Having bad body image issues about my stomach lately.

But I keep trying to ask myself…

Am I happy, enjoying life again? Yes.

Am I healthy…okay, healthier? Yes.

It’s like this perspective keeps hitting me lately that is very far from the way I usually think. My mind just opens up for brief flashes. It keeps saying, “Does it really matter? Why is this such a big deal? I deserve to just enjoy life. Why do people really even think about these things?” Sometimes I just think of us as animals – our function is to LIVE and to BE.

In general, I am living in the moment more. I don’t know how this happened. I guess a general decrease in anxiety and depression? It’s wonderful though. I am noticing that I am just being more. Not thinking about the future and doing things every second as much.

Plan for today: just went swimming, cleaning, trying to do a little writing and practice my dictation program.

I just finished planting my herbs. I have started with basil, thyme, and cilantro. I also got a verbena plant just for the flowers. I hope I prove to have the green thumb of my parents! My dad has a huge vegetable and herb garden, and my mom has a beautiful flower garden. I hope to have both one day when I have a yard!

Basil...smells so good!




Most herbs, these included, like the heat, and like 6+ hours of sunlight. When the plants are small, you usually have to water them every day.

Do you have a garden, or do you want to have one someday? What would you grow? I want to grow tomatoes, peas, lots of herbs, green beans, and beets!


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