Yesterday we did our household budget. I don’t know why, but it stressed me out so much! Well, I do know why, money matters are always stressful. But it turned out okay, and I am glad we did it.

Still having so much pain in my arms. So I am having to ‘budget’ my time on the computer as well. I am having trouble moving my hands sometimes.

So, I am thinking about it a little more, but I have pretty much decided that I am going to have to give up my volunteer work with the Denver dog rescue. It is all done on the computer and I just can’t keep up very well. I would rather use my arm budget for writing and other computer things. I am sad about it, but the job stresses me out about my arms so much (and for other reasons, honestly) that I think it is what I have to do.

Anyway, just a little update. Hope you are all well. We are supposed to have beautiful weather this weekend so I am excited about sunshine and 80’s!

I am making pasta with a basil cream sauce with chicken and broccoli for dinner. Hope it turns out well!


2 thoughts on “Budget

  1. Ooohhh I feel you about the money stress. For some reason talking about money or thinking about it stresses me out to ridiculous levels. It is weird, I have no idea why that would be. I get so tense and antsy and really anxious, it stems from nothing but it’s there all the same.

    Your dinner sounds delicious, though, that should be something to enjoy!

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