Dinner for Myself

Tonight I made pistachio-crusted salmon and roasted butternut squash. Both were so good. I ate an entire medium-sized squash by myself!

I enjoy cooking for myself lately on the nights when B is at work. I make his and put it in the fridge for when he gets home and then I eat mine by myself. Cooking is soothing and something I really enjoy. I sometimes get anxiety cooking for other people, so it is relaxing to do it for myself. It makes me appreciate my food more. It helps me to be okay with the experience of eating.

After two days of cloudiness and cooler weather, it was sunny again here today. 🙂 I hope it gets even warmer this week. I like it more towards 80* than 70*, but I’ll take both. I am grateful for either!

Man, I fought hard today. I wanted to cleanse my mind, body, and spirit today, and I did it. And I want to continue it through the week and cope positively. I can do this. I want to show myself that I can, and FEEL GOOD.

Last week was rough and I want to reverse that trend and feel good again. I want to feel that I am at my best self.

I want to see both qualitative and quantitative positive change; the latter shown through my records, the former I can just FEEL.

Model for Positve Change by The Happiness Institute

I really like this model for positive change.

Do you like to cook? Do you like to cook for just yourself? What do you like about it?

In what ways do you measure positive change? And how do you personally go about it?


5 thoughts on “Dinner for Myself

  1. I’ve always loved baking but I’m just now learning to love cooking too… and it’s good to practice on myself while the BF is working away! I’m learning that the right kitchen tools and background music are KEY 🙂

  2. I actually love eating by myself…nobody to ask me to get them more water or a spoon…and I don’t have to hear things like, “I don’t want this green stuff on my plate!” 🙂

    I don’t mind cooking when people aren’t demanding, but around here? People are demanding!!

    • I love eating by myself too, I feel so much more relaxed! But I think it is kind of a problem for me, because I want to do it for every meal some days and I sometimes get really anxious eating in front of other people!

  3. I don’t think of myself as a very good cook, but I do it for my family. I do like cooking for only myself because then I get to experiment and if I mess up, then I’m the only one that has to deal with it…haha! Plus I get to make it exactly how *I* want it. 🙂

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