Further than Before

Okay so I have been watching A LOT of Top Chef, like… for hours each afternoon and evening. Culminating in the finale last night.

They have been having lots of good quotes on there. The quote I posted last night was from the show. And then, Tiffany, who made it to the final four, said this when she left:

“Sometimes you don’t get where you want to go, but you get further than you were before.”


It really got me thinking. I think sometimes cliche, inspirational quotes annoy a lot of us. Am I right? For me, this spark of annoyance happens for one of two reasons. Either I am just in a really negative mindset already when I read it (which is another topic entirely) or I half-way believe it, but can’t see that it could apply to EVERYONE.

Say you read a quote by Steve Jobs or Barack Obama, famous people who have really reached the TOP of their ‘area’ (their realm that they strived to be successful in). And you think…’That’s great. But everyone can’t REALLY have a dream to be president or own a million-dollar business and actually GET there.’

I agree with this. It is literally impossible for everyone to achieve that much. It takes an extraordinary amount of both drive AND talent (and luck, honestly) to reach that height of success. Plus, in some cases, only a finite number of people can actually achieve it, such as the president example. We can’t all be a New York Times-bestselling author or graduate at the top of our medical class. We can’t all have top-tier talent and luck, but we CAN have the drive part.

Even if we can’t achieve all of our ‘big’ dreams, simply striving for them brings us further than we were before. We get further than we were before in many ways, even if it’s just in terms of personal growth and a new appreciation of what is really important to us in life.

You may not write a New York Times best-seller, but going for your writing dream might get you to publishing your first e-book, like Katie from HealthForTheWholeSelf. And that is AMAZING!

Tiffany didn’t win TopChef, but she made it to the final four, beating out all the other contestants on the show (and many more that didn’t make it on the show in the first place).

Does this kind of thinking help you? It really inspired me yesterday. It made me realize that no one attains anything by not going for it, that determination will take you further than you were before, and that ‘further than I was before’ is good enough and worth it to me!

PS – I kept thinking, while writing this post, about the difference between farther vs further and which one was the correct one to use in this context. So I looked it up. This is a great reference if you are curious as well.

10 thoughts on “Further than Before

  1. I struggle with this so much…I want to be so much, do so much…change the world! But maybe it’s just not in the cards for me? And maybe that’s okay.

    I love Top Chef and I really believe the right person won!!

    Great post!

  2. Love Katie’s blog!

    I do like that quote. Sometimes you have to realize that what you have done or how far you have gotten is ‘enough’ even if its not what/how far you imagined/wanted. You may not have crossed the finish line, but you’re already a lap to two closer to the end. I guess we all can interpret that differently. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I didn’t watch Top Chef this season. Just too dang busy to be committed to a show right now!

  3. oh katie,
    you are so well put together.
    me…i keep failing…i’m in severe pain and distress physically..and i know i need to keep it simple and easy…but instead i keep eating cookies and muffins and making things worse…being too adventurous…
    my guts are bad (if i have severe gas buildup and its put my entire torso in spasms…i don’t even bother to walk or try to do yoga anymore…way too uncomfortable…i wish i could expell this and straighten out my body…
    ugh..so sorry..unloading to u is ridiculous…
    good post.

  4. “Even if we canโ€™t achieve all of our โ€˜bigโ€™ dreams, simply striving for them brings us further than we were before. We get further than we were before in many ways, even if itโ€™s just in terms of personal growth and a new appreciation of what is really important to us in life.”


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