The Changes in Me: Healing

From the Daily Word yesterday: “There are times when I seem to be waiting for something to happen when all the while the ‘happening’ is in progress. While I pray for myself…I may not see the evidence of healing right away; yet a healing is taking place.”

I can see this today. I can see my healing and the changes in growth in me. It makes me smile. It gives me so much faith. It shows me how brave I have been, and how brave I am.


10 thoughts on “The Changes in Me: Healing

  1. I can see it myself Katie. In what you say and the change in your words. I know it’s only baby steps for me. But if we don’t say it – we can’t really believe it and do it right?

    Love this quote. I am always thinking of what I don’t do and haven’t done and keep doing over and over – and then I thought of a few changes I have made and surprised myself. There is always SOMETHING (no matter how small) to reflect on.

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