The Pain Experiments

My life is sometimes a series of pain experiments.

One such experiment occurred this morning.

So, we have my continued transportation situation going on (to the pool, the only place I care about going).

So today, while waiting for B to wake up (still waiting…but the guy starts the swing shift today so I will give him a break), I decided to try out driving his SUV…to the pool. It went okay. It was not a very well-done experiment because I drove there and then turned right around and came back, so my pain isn’t really indicative of what it would be like to drive there, swim (thus resting my foot for awhile), and then drive back. Trust me, at home in Colorado, this made a huge difference. {I will probably never stop calling Colorado home.}

My initial thoughts are that this is do-able, much more do-able than the bus. But I still don’t want to push it and do it everyday. I am hoping we can come up with a schedule. Like Tues/Thurs I wait for him and we both go when he wakes up at noon, Fri/Sat he drops me off, Sun/Mon/Weds I drive myself. That would be three days a week of driving. I think I can handle that. We will see how my foot recovers today, but I think that will be okay. I just want to KNOW what a general schedule is like.

The important thing now-a-days is not so much that it hurts WHILE I am doing something, but how long it takes to recover afterward. That is what I have made so much progress with. Recovery time gets less and less all the time (knock on wood). 🙂

So right now it’s actually not feeling terrible, though it did on the way home. Hmm…I will think about this.

You think you are sick of hearing about this?! Imagine being B…figuring out this situation is all I talk about!

In other news, I am getting basset hound fever…I miss Deeter, my basset who died in August. Someone needs to save me from this, because, trust me, basset hounds are the biggest pain-in-the-ass dogs ever!

Deeter soon after I adopted him from the pound, about 9 months old


6 thoughts on “The Pain Experiments

  1. Nice new layout Katie!

    It really sounds like you are making things happen. Listening to yourself and not doing too much at once to overwhelm you. Inspiring!

    …cute Hound! 🙂

  2. Deeter looks like a little angel there. Basset hounds are so adorable but have heard the same thing-[ain in the behind. If only I had more room at home and more money, I would get a couple of more dogs to keep my Lincoln company!

  3. It is a good thing that you are trying out different approaches to see what works for you. I hope you’ll find it 🙂 I know what you mean about Colorado. For me, Greece is always home. It’s difficult to think otherwise if you have spent most of your years and your most defining years in a place. That dog looks cute!

  4. Now if Deeter doesn’t look like the cutest pound puppy then I don’t know what does! Like you, I can’t WAIT to get a dog. My son too, esp since he is an only kid. He’s wanted anything furry for a while now…haha.

    Your plans sound great. Just having them in place should make you feel better about the situation. If you need to, just try driving once a week so you don’t overdo it. Nothing wrong with baby steps.

    And don’t worry about B listening to you about this all the time, you know he would rather listen to you talk about this ANY day than not be with you full time. He knew what he was doing when he stuck that pretty ring on your finger. 🙂

  5. I agree with the baby steps…definitely take it easy driving in this city. It could stress out anyone! And the traffic is pretty crazy around her – be careful until you get used it!

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