Worth beyond employment

Good news! I CAN GET ON B’s HEALTH INSURANCE NOW AS A DOMESTIC PARTNER!!! We don’t have to wait until we are married.

I decided that if I STOP WORRYING about earning money and being worthless, I actually have a lot to do now!


  1. Wedding planningyes, this is a full-time job – realizing this more and more!
  2. Working on my book and articles
  3. Figuring out the rest of my student loan stuff
  4. Organzing all my bills and paperwork
  5. Unpacking the rest of our stuff when it arrives on March 29th (thank you Army, FINALLY!)
  6. Getting and training my new dog – so excited I can finally get one once I officially move there so I won’t be lonely!
  7. Making dinners for B to take to work, and for us together the nights he is home. 🙂
  8. Filling out all the health insurance paperwork for us, setting up my new doctors and therapy.
  9. My swims, of course!
  10. Continuing to try to find the right job for me…okay so this isn’t supposed to be in this list. The point is that I have TIME to take care of this and shouldn’t be afraid of being bored and, thus, of myself in the meantime with all the above things to do!

I thought this budget tool was really cool last night. It helped me get a ballpark for things.

Writing that list above was comforting. I hate being bored more than anything. I genuinely enjoy being busy, but I also recognize that there is a part of me that has to always be busy to feel worth (or like I am not lazy). I still often feel worthless because I am unemployed and also not fulfilled with a career that I want, but I am learning to find worth in simple things, and joy in having SOMETHING to do! Many little things are accomplishments and NECESSARY that we don’t give ourselves credit for!


5 thoughts on “Worth beyond employment

  1. Thats great news! I’m sure you are relieved knowing you will be covered. I know I would be. We were ‘common law’ for a long time (until we got married) and I was on his like that.

    You are doing great girlie. Every day you seem to be knocking a little bit out here and there. I try to have a goal of doing 3 things a day with our move. Any more than that and I’d stress the frick out and freeze. So far, it’s been working well for me. Have a great weekend 🙂

  2. So many of the same thoughts Katie.
    But YOU are Worth things…don’t doubt that.
    I am having a brain hemmorhage over here freaking out about a job…the lack of one…like, not one at all 😦
    The thing is that I live all on my own…and I have bills, loans, obligations, responsibilities out the wazoo.
    I have 2 university degrees that are useless to me at this point…I’m just worried…just real worried…and my physical problems are really, really worried…I’m actually terrified that if i go to a doctor…they’ll put me in a hospital where i will have no freedom and have to eat their crap food (i’m real underweight and i’m afraid that they would do that to me….so lost 😦
    Hang in there yourself…you are a great person and don’t doubt it.

    • I am worried about my physical nerve problems too, but my heart goes out to you with your physical situation! I also hear ya on the degree thing…I have a BS in Biology but can’t do anything with it because I lack all these state certifications that would take 1-2 years more school! I HOPE so much that you will feel better soon!

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