And here we go!

I need to remember: figuring out my stomach (what makes me sick, etc) is a work in progress and I can’t keep blaming myself.

Part of it is something, part of it is dietary, part of it is fibromyalgia, and part of it is anxiety. Some of these things I can control, and some I cannot. So I need to take care of myself and stop the self-hatred about it!

This is a stomach, not my stomach, but we can pretend…

It is plagued by chronic stomach aches and nausea. Some of this is from IBS/Fibromyalgia, some of it is from my gluten intolerance (helps that I stick to this) and dairy intolerance (doesn’t help that I don’t stick to this), some of it is just sensitive, some is from anxiety, who knows what else.

I just need to love myself.

Moving on to something happier —> wedding planning! I am excited to share some of this stuff with you guys on this blog.

I have been exploring since last summer, before I was even engaged. I love looking at their “Real Weddings”. Now I need to begin the REAL wedding planning!

These are just some things I have decided on so far:

  • my favorite color is blue, that will definitely be the main color
  • I have to have an outdoor ceremony and outdoor reception (with tent fine). I want them at the same venue.
  • I want (read: have to and will have) a summer wedding. We are planning for June 2012 right now, exact date to be determined
  • I want ceremony, pictures and cocktail hour, reception. B and I want a buffet (literally all he cares about is food and drinks, he is such a foodie/gourmet!).
  • I have a pretty good idea of what I want my dress to look like. 🙂
  • We are getting married in Denver. I want more botanical garden look, in the city, than mountain look.
  • B has his four groomsmen picked out – his two brothers, his best friend, and another really good friend. I will have my two sisters (assuming the middle one is speaking to me by then) and two more people that I have to find, haha, okay, decide on.
  • I want to go somewhere where I can speak French on my honeymoon.

These are my two favorite flowers

I have other things in my head of course. I made a timeline.

I will be doing most of the planning. I decided we need to start with these things: a rough budget and guest list, then finding a venue, and then setting an official date. We will go to Denver in June to look at venues. Before then, I am really going to work on the budget, and continue making my list of venues we want to look at (and calling them to ask questions). Then I want to set our official date and book the venue in June.

What did you start with when you were planning your wedding? If you aren’t married, do you have any rough ideas like these that are “must’s” for you? I am just interested in hearing other people’s opinions and ideas/dreams. 🙂


5 thoughts on “And here we go!

  1. OMG… amazing! WEDDING!! Gosh you must be having so much fun already!! I’m actually terrified to get married because I don’t want a typical wedding. I want to run away to a beach with my closest family and friends and get married where the sand meets the surf… and afterwards, I want to go out dancing. No fancy white dress or formal dinner for this girl, as beautiful as I think they are!

    • Hey you can do that if you want! Part of me really wants to elope, like a big part, but of course I have to please my fiance, my family, and his family, all of whom basically cried at that thought!

  2. Oh WOW, planning a wedding sounds so fun! We went to the justice of the peace and did it there. We were together about 5 years before we finally got hitched. We had a baby, then bought cars, houses, moved THEN got married..yea we did it all backwards…haha! We wanted to just get it done, so justice of the peace it was. I wouldn’t have changed a thing. Our son was able to kind of remember it and be there, so that was awesome!

    Be sure and come on here and ask for suggestions or if you need help deciding between this and that. I’d love to help! 😉

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