As promised

As promised, here are some pictures of my ring. 🙂

Please ignore my old-lady hands. It was very cold in Denver that day, and always dry, so that’s what they were looking like. ;

As my favorite era is the 1920’s-30’s, I wanted an Asscher-cut diamond, a style that was very popular then, and thus is vintage-looking. B found me the perfect style I wanted.

So there ya go. 🙂

I am back at my parents’ house in Denver for just a week, settling some stuff here, getting the rest of my stuff, and saying my official good-bye’s. I am really glad I came back for this week. It feels like I will make an official move this way, and I am excited. I do love my home though. Since I know I am leaving, I am finally able to appreciate so many things about it here.

Happy First Day of Spring! Aren’t you excited?! 🙂


11 thoughts on “As promised

  1. First day of Spring! SO EXCITED! Your ring is absolutely STUNNING. Do you catch yourself staring at it all day long? I think I would 🙂 Hope your last week in Denver is wonderful!

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