Just doin’ it

Ah Nike. Just do it. One of the greatest ad slogans of all time. Really inspiring actually.

Today, I just DID it.

I am trying to work on this: just making a decision and going with it. Not analyzing every little thing and then being so indecisive because I don’t want to make the wrong choice. Also, not whining and regretting things later. Just saying,Β  okay I did ‘X”, it’s over, move on.

Today I decided: I am just going to frickin’ TRY the bus. See if I can walk to the bus stop, see what it is like to ride it to the pool. Decided this last night actually, and just went with it this morning.

It was a 3-hour affair to swim for 25 minutes at a pool that is 3 miles away. Yes, you heard me…three hours. It involved more walking than I would like. But I think I can do a different route next time that involves less walking. It wouldn’t be something I would do a lot, but it is an OPTION to get out of the house and go to a coffee shop or something when I am really going crazy.

I rode the Omnitrans system of San Bernardino County. The bus drivers were REALLY nice and helpful. However, the bus stop was farther from our apartment than I thought, which annoyed me, and on the way there, stupid Google maps that the public transit systems use (RTD in Denver uses it too) always tell you a route that really is not the best or closest, so I had to go a WAYS once I got off the bus to the actual Bally’s building. I was in a lot of pain by the time I got there. By a ways, I mean 4+ blocks, which is a whole lot for me! This was annoying because there were two stops closer that I saw on the way!

But I made it there, and on the way back I used one of the closer stops and asked the bus driver for directions, which were much more efficient and involved less walking than what I found on the website. So if I do that next time, the main walking will just be from the bus stop to and from my apartment. This is not something I want to do a lot AT ALL, but as I said, it’s an option.

*Also found out, after talking to the manager, that they WILL start heating the pool here at the apartment complex in two weeks. The pool is smaller than I would like, but that is an option too. I will probably vary all of these things and have B take me on the weekends, which is three days a week since he only works four.

NEW EXPERIENCES: Since I have been here, I have been to three new stores/places that I have always wanted to try. Some thoughts…

  • IKEA: Had never been to one until last weekend. Wow. It is huge and crazy and cheap and they have a crazy restaurant inside that sells Swedish food AND daycare for kids while you shop! We thought it was crazy that they sell black chairs but no black tables (and very few brown chairs to go with the brown tables). The guy who worked there said that the black chairs go with the brown tables (uh, no…). We ended up buying a brown solid wood table elsewhere on sale that is MUCH nicer, but we will probably go back to IKEA to get a bed frame. However, I will not be going in next time because I cannot handle walking around a ginormous store like that!

  • Trader Joe’s: Strangely, with all the natural foods stores and products in Colorado, we don’t have Trader Joe’s. So this was my first time going to one. It really wasn’t what I expected at all. I thought it would be just like Whole Foods but slightly cheaper, and look like the inside of a whole foods store, with the deli, etc. Instead, I found a pretty bare, decoratively-speaking, store with just rows of aisles. I also had no idea that they were so cheap because they basically only sell their own brand. I was disappointed to find that they sell hardly any gluten-free products! Wasn’t expecting that. But they did have a lot of other awesome stuff and the prices were great! Will definitely go back. πŸ™‚

  • The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf: While I had to wait an hour for the next bus to come, I found myself at a stop right next to one of these. Totally lived up to my expectations – awesome! Excited about that. I have worked at a lot of coffee shops, and while we all love Starbucks, I actually think their coffee is really poor quality stuff. You can notice this when you try their drip coffee (the espresso drinks are all so masked by sugar and other ingredients that they are fine, good even.) But The Coffee Bean was delicious! πŸ™‚

Tomorrow, I am going to do a big summary and update post on my nerve pain/disorder – so that I can replace the link on my about page and for anyone who doesn’t know.

Also, pictures coming later today: engagement ring and photos of the apartment and new area. πŸ™‚


What do you think of IKEA, Trader Joe’s, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf?


10 thoughts on “Just doin’ it

  1. I’m disappointed that when I move to CO I STILL won’t have a TJ’s to go to, but it’s not the end of the world. Know what Colorado has that TX doesn’t? Del Taco! haha, YES, I’m super excited about it. It’s the little things!

    We have an ikea just down the street, but we might have gone twice. It’s just not my style. We like to buy quality stuff, and found most of it to be kind of cheap. Like you, we also wasn’t crazy about the layout. It’s seemed so hectic when we want and I don’t like to feel all that anxiety while I’m shopping.

    Looking forward to reading about your nerve problem. I don’t know much about it…

    Glad they will heating the pool for you. That will help you so much. I adopted the ‘just do it’ attitude lately. For this kind of move, I kind of had to. If I thought about it too much I would have froze up!

    • Good attitude for your move. πŸ™‚ I know it will help!

      Yeah, I thought IKEA was cheap too. We literally found a solid maple table with 6 chairs somewhere else on sale for just $100 dollars more. I would rather have solid wood than veneer!

  2. SO SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! Don’t even think about the 3 hours it took – that is what always “gets me” – thinking about the time wasted, etc. No way. It’s a step forward.

    So jealous of TJ’s!!

    And, oh my Lord – IKEA is dangerous…so much there…;)

  3. I love Trader Joes. You’re so lucky to have one in your area. I would be there every day if we had one within 50 miles.
    3 Hours??… well at least you did it. Phew!

  4. I LOVE Trader Joes! I used to go in Washington all the time when I lived in Vancouver… and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is good too! I’m so happy to hear you can get out and about… and especially that the bus drivers were good and helpful to you on your journey. That makes all the difference in the world, doesn’t it?

  5. That’s so great you just did it! Like you say, now it’s an option – sometimes just having options even if you don’t use them makes it easier somehow πŸ™‚
    I like Ikea and their mis-matched furniture… but then again I do live in the country of Ikea;) I always end up spending far too much time there when I go though.

  6. Yay for a heated pool πŸ™‚ And thanks for sharing your potassium story in the previous post. I had a somewhat similar issue as well a few years ago — though not as severe I don’t think. To this day I have to remember to eat my bananas! lol. Can’t wait to see your ring πŸ™‚

  7. I love Trader Joe’s, although I only buy a few particular products there, mostly because I’d rather buy other items in bulk at our local co-op. I find IKEA really overwhelming, and since I’m not too into browsing through housewares, I get bored by it.

  8. Katie, yes, what you said on my post is so like me…I don’t know how to eat at all anymore, …its like the horrible bowel and digestion issues lead me to second-guess and worry and stress about food so much…and now I just don’t know cause vs. effect anymore…I feel shattered at no exercise…and I have so much wt. to gain…and energy and health to gain…that it will literally be over another year…and its been over 3 years with nothing to show for it…nothing…

    You are really being positive and amazing. You are stellar.

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