10 things I am loving here


Things I am loving about our new home and life in southern California:

  1. THE WEATHER! 70* today and all week!
  2. Getting to be with my fiance every day without worrying about when he will be leaving again
  3. Palm trees!
  4. Having a ‘home’ that feels like mine and ours
  5. Knowing that after some stressful set-up, I will be settled here for awhile, with no more moving around all the time and feeling so unsettled
  6. Seeing the San Gabriel mountains every day (even if they are often surrounded by a cloud of smog…mountains remind me of home)
  7. My new pool and how I can swim outside every day
  8. Getting to walk around our apartment complex, read in the picnic area, and smell the flowers
  9. MY BED! I can actually sleep with B again because it is so comfy and big enough
  10. Again, the weather and everything beautiful outside! 🙂
  11. Oh, and MY RING! 🙂

Would it be tacky if I showed pictures of my engagement ring on here? I really want to and I am deciding about that. 😉


5 thoughts on “10 things I am loving here

  1. It is so nice that you like it here already! And the weather is mostly good all year round. 🙂 I don’t think it’s tacky to show your engagement ring. I for one am dying to see it! 🙂

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