Wonderful evening

Had a wonderful evening.

I made a delicious spaghetti dinner with bolognese sauce. And B and I drank a bottle of Chianti before-hand (my favorite kind of wine). We had some good conversation and watched a movie on TV all through the wine and meal.

I need to start taking more pictures for the blog. 🙂 We bought a really nice dining table set today, which I am excited about. But we won’t get our couch (or anything else beyond kitchen stuff and our master bedroom bed) until March 29th and then this new dining table won’t come until the 24th! So all we have is a TV (finally cable set up!) and one chair! We ate dinner on the floor. So we are going to buy a card table tomorrow so I can work on the computer much more easily and then I will put up more pics. That is one of my big goals.

I am also planning to start a writing schedule on Monday for my book, when B starts work. He told me he thinks it is really cool that I am writing a book, and he actually believes it is real work, which is awesome to hear. I think the only way one will ever get anywhere with a book is if you believe that. You have to believe it is your profession. Of course, talent is also involved, and we will see if I get anywhere, but that belief is really important.

So I just want to do that for now, and apply to PA school this summer and fall. I will continue my volunteer work and keep house and take care of myself. Relax and find joy. I want to take a French class this summer or fall, and in the fall I will also take Microbiology (the last pre-req I need for PA school…annoying because I have already taken it, but I need the lab to apply and I have to take the whole thing together). And train my doggie; still trying to figure out what kind I can get that will be right for me.

In lieu of my last post, what do you think is your ‘simple’ purpose right now?


2 thoughts on “Wonderful evening

  1. I can relate to you about your last two posts. When I get stressed out I tend to take it out on the people around me too and I need to be more cognizant of that right now. ALL 3 of us are going through huge life changes right now…not just me.

    On my blog, and this one, you mentioned eating on the floor and not getting your stuff for a while etc. Well I think we are going the POD route and we will have an apt POD and a house POD. They will store our house one until we buy a house. And it could take 7-10 BUSINESS days before we get our apt POD. We are trying to figure out what we are going to do. We’ll fit our TV and air mattresses in the jeep and our computers and xbox, but thats probably it that’ll be with us for up to 10 days!?! Should be interesting…

    Yes, you need to take pics! I’d love to see your place and new furniture. Shopping for new stuff is so fun!

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