Second step: drive to California

The plan for the upcoming months:

  • We are heading out today or tomorrow to drive to southern California.
  • I will stay there for about two weeks to unpack everything and receive all of B’s stuff shipped over from the Army since he starts work Monday.
  • Then I will come back to Denver for 2-3 weeks and get all my stuff together.
  • After that, I will fly back and OFFICIALLY MOVE!

I kind of consider this trip as having three steps: our scout-out trip, this drive (which is B’s official move), and my official move.

From where we are living, the beach is about an hour east (with good traffic, of course…LA’s traffic is awful, lives up to the stereotype). And about an hour north or west and you are in the mountains, which we can see from our apartment. 🙂 Mountains are seriously comforting to me; they remind me of home, having lived in the foothills of the Rocky’s most of my life.

Do you like road trips? I always say road trips are “great in theory, terrible in practice”, meaning they are never as awesome as people think they are going to be: all that sitting! But I have done this drive (Denver to S. California) before and it’s a good one, only 15 hours. I just start to get really antsy after awhile because I can’t sit that long. I will read a lot and we got a book on tape. I love books on tape on road trips (we got “Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”).


3 thoughts on “Second step: drive to California

  1. I LIVE for roadtrips! We drove from Dallas to Washington DC, stopping in Gatlinburg and Asheville on the way then DC then Williamsburg on the way back..

    We drive to the Grand Canynon to Vegas to LA and up the PCH to San Fran and back staying at each place last summer….it was our ‘WEST’ trip.

    We also drove to Disneyworld…..and to Mexico…..and to Colorado (duh!).

    So YES, we love road trips!

  2. I detest roadtrips! Ali and I usually end up fighting and then I end up driving to avoid fighting further…and then I’m annoyed I have to drive! It’s a vicious cycle. So we only fly places now!

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