Lent Resolutions

March 9th is Ash Wednesday and marks the beginning of Lent.

Almost every year, for Lent, I like to make a resolution. Not necessarily something I am going to “give up” in the traditional sense. I believe it should be something that involves me challenging myself to do better through a committment to God. I don’t have to be perfect but the ‘partnership with God’ piece somehow stays in my mind as a comfort and goal through Lent.

So this year (I am starting today just because), I made two goals last night:

  • Work on not eating after dinner (which I was really doing on my trip last week by default and feeling better)
  • Only drink alcohol on Friday’s and Saturday’s

Some explanations:

  • While I will always be a person that needs a little snack before bed, I have a problem with eating a lot after dinner. It’s almost like I save most of my food for the day for the evening when I can finally feel relaxed enough to eat it. It is okay, in my opinion, to have a different eating style, but I can take this too far and have too much to eat before bed, which obviously contributes to my stomach problems. So I just want to balance that out more.
  • When I drink alcohol, I never have more than two drinks at a time, usually just one. I don’t like to get really drunk (never have), but I am one of those people who gets buzzed off of one beer, and that is nice. 😉 But I think drinking upsets my stomach and can make me really vulnerable to certain things that I want to get away from. I think I will be a healthier person in my mind and body if I limit enjoying that to two nights a week. Also, B will be working Sun-Weds evenings like I said, and I don’t want to be in a scary place all alone when he is at work, or use that as a crutch too often.

I just feel so comforted having made these goals, especially the last one, which is a ‘good’ challenge (defined by me as a more fun challenge that is good for me).  It is also one that is track-able.

During Lent, I also just like to reflect on how I can be a better person. These are ways I can be better to myself.

FYI: Whenever I talk about Lent, people always ask me, “Are you Catholic?” (I don’t know why because Lent isn’t limited to Catholics anyway.) No, I am not Catholic (also my dad’s family was raised Catholic so I will say I am half-Catholic…don’t you know it is passed through the blood? 😉 ). My mom’s family were baptists and non-demoninational protestants, but my mom and I go to an Episcopal church. I was baptised in the Episcopal church in the 8th grade and while I go sporadically, that is what I identify with now. My dad, who isn’t religious at all anymore, calls the Episcopal’s “Catholic Lite”. Haha…yes, true. I like it. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Lent Resolutions

  1. you changed the look of the blog! nice! 🙂 Lent or not, it is a good thing to reflect and take steps to make yourself happier and healthier. I always think about the drinking thing also. I don’t drink more than once every one or two weeks but when I do, I do drink a lot… Well, we’ll see.. Catholic lite, that’s a good one! 🙂

  2. Well you dont have to be catholic or religious to make goals for yourself.

    I tend to eat little during the day and a lot after dinner too. It’s a terrible habit. I think there is some emotional eating going on there that needs to be addressed. But I just dont have the brainpower to work on that right now!

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