Scouting-trip update

Okay, this is going to be mainly a little journaling post. I can’t wait to get home and/or get back here again and get settled in so I can regularly blog again. I am so happy that I will start being able to write about LIFE again —> adventures, new things here, restaurants, our explorations, getting my new dog and setting up our apartment, setting up my life.

On Thursday, we found an apartment we really like. We like the area and its proximity to everything – shops, restaurants, bus stop, and B’s work.

I love the warm weather here and how we can see the mountains outside our window. It’s more humid than Denver (everywhere in this country is more humid than Colorado save maybe AZ, NM, UT, WY, and MT which are all about the same), but not super-humid. Just a little bit that I can notice because I feel my best in a super-dry climate.

I am excited to explore with B:

  • do the touristy stuff in LA
  • escape on the weekends to San Diego (where my grandparents have a second home a block from the beach…it’s like my second home because it is the only place we really vacationed when I was a kid – cheap because there is the house there but also awesome)
  • go to Joshua Tree, Big Bear, all the mountain areas around here
  • explore the wine country down here and do wine tastings
  • and more ๐Ÿ™‚

I love how we will live by a bus stop, even though the public transportation here isn’t very good.

The apartment complex has a big pool but it is oddly-shaped, so I am worried about that situation. We looked at a lot of other places to find a great pool (some had real lap pools with lane lines!) but they were all much farther out from the city center and had no buses close (too isolated). I will probably get a membership at Bally’s. It’s only 4 miles away and I could ride the bus there (which will take over 30 minutes for 4 miles!) or go with B but I like to have my independence with that. We are going to look at one more city pool today and see if it’s closer. My other worry is medical stuff. But that’s about it.

So we are going to live in the Rancho Cucamonga/Upland/Clairemont area of the Inland Empire east of LA. I won’t say exactly where for privacy purposes, but this is really a nice part of the Inland Empire. If you go farther east of the 15, it goes downhill. (I am still trying to get used to how they call the highways “the 15” instead of “I-15” here!)

B found out his work hours: 4pm to 2am four days a week (Sun-Weds). He will actually work 330pm – 330am because he is the distribution manager. His field is logistics, which is what he really did in the Army as well as a 1st Lieutenant. I am happy he didn’t get the Thurs, Fri, Sat shift because then we wouldn’t have weekends to see friends and do fun things!

We have more friends here than we realized which makes me happy. B has several cousins here, and his best friend’s parents live in Pasadena so we will see him every time he comes out to see them. I have known B’s best friend for as long as I have known B (I met them both the same night) and consider him and his girlfriend some of my absolute best friends as well. He was actually here on Thursday and we got to see him then and had SUCH a good time in Pasadena (which is beautiful – I just loved driving around and looking at the amazing houses!).

Overall, I am trying to just look at this as an adventure.

It is going to be a lot of work to move and I am honestly looking forward to being busy. I am feeling better than I have felt in a very long time. I decided I am going to just settle in here: set up our apartment & home, get my dog and train it, make B dinners and clean, volunteer. Just be patient with my career. It will come. And I will slowly look at transitional careers. But I am going to let it be okay to transition first and just enjoy myself. I felt a sense of peace with this today during my swim. My ultimate goal is to work part-time as a PA and the rest of the time be a housewife. I just think this is a good balance for me and for us.

Have you ever had to make a big move to a new place?
I have lived a lot places temporarily with B during his Army career. And we lived in Tennessee together for 9 months before I moved back to Colorado. That was a big move for me. I considered this ‘staying’ with him while I saved up enough money to move to Nashville when I went to Vanderbilt. But this is going to be better. I don’t feel so worried about planning things because we are engaged now. And I feel like I am older and wiser.


5 thoughts on “Scouting-trip update

  1. Yay! You are going to be a soCal blogger too! I kind of like reading posts of “local” people, because I understand better what they are talking about ๐Ÿ™‚ This does sound like an adventure and I can’t wait to hear more about it! I’ve been making big moves I think twice in my life: when I moved to the other end of my country to attend my university and when I moved to the us for phd. And ever since I move approximately every year within LA…

  2. Oh girl, I’m in the midst of it now! First big move was from our family in Baton Rouge 10 years ago which was really hard. And NOW we’re on our way to colorful Colorado! This move is WAAAAY freakin harder. House to sell, have to quit my job, switch my son in a new school, etc. Can’t wait though. Its stressful, but OH so exciting at the same time!

    Glad you will have friends/family where you are moving. We only have 1 person that my husband knows because they used to work together. They aren’t very close though, so we’re pretty much on our own. Not any different than how we are now…it’s just the 3 of us here in Dallas and will be in Colorado too.

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