Mr. Harley

Meet Harley, 95% sure our new dog…we will watch him over the weekend and then he will go back to his foster home if anything really bad happens, but so far everyone is loving him and I think he is a perfect fit for my parents. He is 5, the vet says, although he looks older with his gray face.

A little bit of Harley’s story: Harley was a breeder dog from the midwest (usually we get breeder dog’s from Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas). This means he was kept at a puppy mill. Our other dog, Scotch, is a female that was also a breeder dog. We got her a year ago. She is 6 and has probably had 9 litters of puppies. Anyway, Harley was used as a stud and was kept outside in a 10×5 foot cage all of his life. He had never been inside a house until he came to our rescue. Pretty amazingly, he quickly adapted at his foster home (although he was terrified to come inside at first) and after two months is now completely housetrained, doesn’t chew anything, and can have free roam of the house when we aren’t home. His front teeth are ground completely down from trying to chew his way through the chain link fence to get out of his cage. Anyway, that is all I know about Harley, but he is a happy guy now!

Lucky for Harley (and Scotch, who is an even bigger baby than him – she was kept in a cage INSIDE her whole life and so is afraid of the wind outside), they have me to hang out with them all day so they aren’t lonely. Harley is already pretty comfortable here! Breeder dogs typically really need to live with another dog because they are used to being around a ton of other dogs at the puppy mill, so Scotch was SO happy tonight to have a friend again. She has been alone since my basset hound died last August.


10 thoughts on “Mr. Harley

  1. Mr Harley is adorable! So cute! I want a puppy! Or even better a kitten! I want all sorts of pets, but they are not allowed in my building. I used to volunteer in an animal shelter but life got in the middle as usual. As soon as I give my exam, I am going back to this. Such a great feeling! 🙂

  2. You are AWESOME for taking him in. He looks like a sweetheart. Once we move (and have wood floors!) we plan on adopting a dog for our son. He wants one so bad, but of course the timing isn’t good right now. I want to adopt though, I don’t want a puppy. Hopefully we’ll find one already crate/potty trained and well mannered!

    • It will be so exciting when you get one! I have a ton of rescue organizations I could recommend based on breed in Colorado. If you go through the rescues, they have an elaborate screening process, but they will be really honest about if it is already potty-trained and what it’s problems are because they want it to find the right home.

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  4. What a cute doggie!
    It really annoys me when people buy dogs from pet stores. I understand wanting a specific breed and stuff (kinda), but there are perfectly good dogs at the shelter just crying out for homes 😦

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