Missing my French

I decided that this Spring I am going to take a French class again.

I minored in French in college and it is one of my great passions. I miss it. The last time I took a class was a literature class at a nearby university in Fall 2009. I wish I could take them continuously but alas, that money thing… 😉

So I am determined to take one in March/April though. I need a passion. I need something to do. I need to get out of this house!

My therapist seriously suggested I ask my parents for money for this instead of all the money they were recently willing to give me for…more therapy…bleh. I totally agree with her…having SOMETHING TO DO would be equally as good for me, if not more. I just need to get out of my house and be able to LIVE LIFE!

But most likely, I will ask B for the money. 😉 ❤ I will get it somehow. My dad has said before he would pay for a class for me (and these are pretty cheap – not at the university). It would be a good gift, it will enhance my life so much. I feel like I can’t do completely well without a schedule, something to do, something to GO TO, to be excited about.

 So this will be it for now…and then hopefully REAL SCHOOL. I am terrified I won’t get in to the program(s) I want. And I couldn’t start til 2012 anyway and if I can’t find a job, I don’t want to just wait around! I have been making so many changes to take my life into my own hands and set things up, I just have to keep going with that, while balancing patience at the same time. Tomorrow I will probably write about unemployment and my job search, which I am working so hard on. This is a rambling post.


4 thoughts on “Missing my French

  1. French is such a beautiful language! I used to take classes for many years and I miss it so much too. But I totally believe that only doing something you feel so excited and passionate about can be very positive in your life as a whole. 🙂

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