Me and You

Enjoyed the comments on my last post.

For lack of any other ideas today. I thought I would say some random things about myself (again) and ask some questions.

I think the diversity and individuality of personalities in this world is amazing. I am fascinated by it: by how we develop our unique preferences and aversions, our character and personality traits, and what is ingrained in us with these things from birth.

For example, my middle sister and I are only 20 months apart in age. (I am the oldest of three sisters…my boyfriend is funnily enough the oldest of three boys, and we are all almost exactly matching in age for both families…and our respective parents are the same ages.) My sister and I couldn’t be more different in personalities, even growing up in virtually the same conditions. We have been like that almost since the day we were born. She is loud, confident, opinionated. I am quieter, more introverted, somewhat of a people-pleaser. We do have in common that we are both very intellectual and love to learn. We also both love running (even though I can’t do it anymore) and working out.

My littlest sister used to be more like me, but now she is more like the middle one. Except she is different than us because she always hated school and reading and she hates working out, haha. 🙂

Anyway, here are some of my preferences and dislikes and things about me:

  • I love any kind of physical activity, like I said.
  • I have kept a journal consistently since the 3rd grade. The young ones are funny to look back on. Journaling is SO therapeutic for me.
  • I always have a planner and obsessively make lists.
  • I feel like I WOULD have a sense of style….but I have no money, so I literally haven’t gotten any new clothes for over two  years, except for one sweater and one pair of jeans at Christmas a year ago.
  • I carry a book with me EVERYWHERE I go, no matter what. To run errands, on the bus, to the gym. It is always in my purse. You never know when you will have to wait for something and get a chance to read. I used to get in trouble in middle and high school for reading in class.
  • I love fancy date nights. I am yearning to go to the Colorado Ballet’s “Romeo and Juliet” production that is coming soon.
  • I am addicted to celebrity gossip and read everyday…and then I go read “Jane Eyre”…funny contradiction.
  • I wish I was British.
  • One of my biggest pet peeves is: when you do laundry, WHY do all the shirt’s sleeves get turned inside out?! I hate pulling them back through when the shirt is all wet. Also, I never dry ANYTHING but underwear, socks, and sheets/towels. I am paranoid about things shrinking.
  • I am an extremely picky eater.


  1. Are you a picky eater?
  2. How many times a day do you prefer that a blog you read posts? I really like it when the blogs I read post once a day, sometimes twice. My goal is to post once a day.
  3. What’s your favorite word? Mine is “Joy”.
  4. What words do you think you use most often in your vocabulary? I say ‘amazing’, ‘awesome’, ‘unfortunately’ or fortunately’, ‘frankly’, and ‘honestly’ a lot.

That’s all folks. 😉


5 thoughts on “Me and You

  1. 1. Nope, not a picky eater at all. Mostly don’t like coconut, pickles, sauerkraut or olives. I don’t typically eat fried or greasy foods, but that is more my disordered eating than ‘picky’
    2. I like daily posts from my faves.
    3. Hmm, I like the word fantastic
    4. I use awesome, most cuss words and ‘yeah’ consistantly

  2. I think I am a picky eater. I just like the things I like cooked the way I liked. It totally makes sense in my head… I like reading a post a day or every other day. I feel that the blogger took time to gather and express their thoughts on a matter and not just “well, here’s what I ate today”. And my reader would get overwhelmed if everybody started publishing twice a day… I try to write every day but every couple of days is more feasible for me. And I totally think I use “totally” too much lately. Am I becoming a California girl??

    • I agree with thoughts on a matter, with a little bit of a mix-in of a look into their life. I might be moving to southern California in a few months, so I will tell you if I notice more “totally’s”. 🙂

  3. Are you a picky eater? Mmmm yes. It takes a lot for me to try new foods, ethnic foods especially.

    How many times a day do you prefer that a blog you read posts? Once or twice. But no more than that!

    What’s your favorite word? I like the word “fresh”. It reminds me of air which reminds me of the outdoors.

    What words do you think you use most often in your vocabulary? “like” – it’s a bad habit!

  4. We have so much in common – from carrying a book everywhere to wanting to be British. And I make lists! Lots and lots of lists!

    I say basically a lot. And you know. That’s why I joined Toastmaster’s – to break me of my terrible habits!

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