Happy Friday! Normally I don’t like Friday’s because I don’t like the weekends (because my whole family is home and I prefer my alone time during the week). But for those of you who work, I am sure you are excited it is Friday. And THIS Friday, I am excited too because B is coming to visit me this weekend. 🙂 He arrives tonight.

After my recent change in mindset, and the more I use my skills, I am experiencing a lot more clarity in my thinking.  

Clarity is “the quality or state of being clear”.

I love that image of clarity in thinking. I can’t totally begin to describe the image I get, just that the image helps me. And I see a perfectly clear, blue pool of water, and a lot of light. I don’t think I see my path exactly clearly before me, though I want to. This is still giving me a lot of frustration. But I am thinking more clearly. I have a better mindset about life, about what is real and important. And I don’t feel as lost.

I am just feeling better able to make decisions with my WISE MIND, which I essentially think of as a combination of being rational and intuitive. I am not letting my emotional mind run away with me so much.

In summary, I think clarity and Wise Mind really run together. And the more I reflect about how good it feels to use my Wise Mind, the more clearly I see this connection.

Do you ever have a feeling that there are “cobwebs” in your head, like you can’t think clearly? What do you do to shake yourself out of it? One thing that almost always helps me is to go outside! The fresh air clears my mind. Exercise also really helps.


4 thoughts on “Clarity

  1. Fresh air and running are the 2 best mind-clearers for me too. I do all my best thinking on the treadmill, probably because there is absolutely nothing that could distract me or steal my focus!

  2. I agree that exercise is one of the few things that help me get clarity back when the cobwebs start to form. I think walking in the fresh air or even weights really make me feel better.

    Hope that the weekend is a good one for you my friend!

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