Told ya: Fortitude

I have kind of fallen off the wagon this week, but I am determined to get back on. That’s all that counts, right?

Just the act of typing out this blog post is making me re-commit right now. Still looking at my challenge card. Still checking off my skills. I get so nervous how I have to show my skill-sheet to my therapist tomorrow and I don’t want to for some reason (even though this was my idea). I am letting that make me not even try, so I need to stop that and just look at today’s page and move on. Hey, that is Challenge #3, let the past go, move on from THIS moment forward.

Another thing that keeps keeping me going (regardless of whether this is the greatest type of motivation or not) is wanting to say, “Told ya so” to certain people. Why is that so satisfying?! ๐Ÿ™‚

“There are so many people out there who will tell you that you can’t. What you have to do is turn around and say, ‘WATCH ME.'” — read this quote on this blog today.

I don’t really think that anyone is explicitly saying that I can’t do this, or anything, I just see (and sometimes I admit just perceive in my own mind) their doubts. So I just keep thinking how satisfying it will be to SHOW them what I can do. You can only say it so much. I need to stop my incessant need to explain everything to people, just do it, let them see for themselves, and then it won’t even matter anymore what they think because I, myself, will be happier!

Also, why does a good cup of coffee, if I just make my self sip it slowly and then wait a few minutes after I drink it, give me that little burst of fortitude?

Okay, to (sort of) change the subject….I thought on would check in on my January mini-health goal which was to take my vitamins every day…well, I didn’t take them everyday, but I definitely improved. I went from taking them (goal was fish oil and a multivitamin) 4 times a month, to about 30-40% of the time. So that’s improvement! I am rolling this goal over into February!

For February, my mini-goal is kind of different…there is going to be a “word of the day” here on this blog. Yep, kind of like sesame street. I love words. Especially those old Puritan virtue words (charity, humility, patience,ย courage, etc), and pondering on their meaning. Maybe I won’t do a word every day, I haven’t decided yet. There are just some words I really like, that just speak to me, and invoke something in me.

Today’s word is FORTITUDE. Fortitude is defined as a “strength of mind that enables a person to encounter danger or bear pain or adversity with courage” (Merriam-Webster).

When I hear this word, fortitude, I square my shoulders and think of myself as something made out of titanium that can march ahead with courage and strength. I get a determined look on my face. I say, “I can do this!”ย I need to do that today.



Do you ever get a visual image or imaginative image pop up when you hear a word like that (or am I just weird….maybe you have to think about it for a minute)? What comes up for you with ‘fortitude’? How can you cultivate fortitude today?

Square your shoulders, gather your strength, and go out and face your day!


4 thoughts on “Told ya: Fortitude

  1. Told ya! is a great motivation imho. Or I am just too competitive… Your post reminded me of an old Nike ad, that went like this:

    “All your life you are told the things you cannot do. All your life they will say you’re not good enough or strong enough or talented enough; they will say you’re the wrong height or the wrong weight or the wrong type to play this or be this or achieve this. THEY WILL TELL YOU NO, a thousand times no, until all the no’s become meaningless. All your life they will tell you no, quite firmly and very quickly.

    I tried to find the actual ad, but failed. I did find this though. It was the image from fortitude. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sorry for the longest comment ever! Have a great day!

    • That’s okay about the long comment! ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes, I LOVE that Nike ad…Nike really really comes out with a lot of good ads. I even like to say their slogan, “Just do it.” Good to read that long quote again today. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I will check out the video!

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