Not much to report

Not much to report today.

Getting snow and much colder weather coming in.

LOVE my new haircut I got. I finally feel confident and sexy again. I also feel like I look older (a plus, like I look 25 and professional – I got sick of being mistaken for a high schooler). It was a big change for me and much shorter but I am glad I went with it. It looks awesome. I have the best haircut lady ever!

Trying to just keep finding myself and rely on myself. It is at least empowering and building confidence.


3 thoughts on “Not much to report

  1. I’d love to see it too! I’m glad you like it. There’s always potential for those to come out either really good or REALLY bad… The last time I got a ‘drastic’ haircut I cried. I’m not one to cry, but I cried because I hated it so much. I didn’t even want to get out of the car to show my husband. Luckily, it’s grown out and is long again. I’ll never ever go back there OR cut it short again!

    • Yeah, I am lucky the lady who cuts my hair is so awesome. I have had many bad shorter haircuts! But this time I went in and had barely described my vision and she knew exactly what to do, I was happy. 🙂 I will think about the pic. 😉

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