For some reason this fascinates me: where a restaurant or company originated (what city).

I love spouting off about the ones coming out of Denver or Colorado.

Such as:

Chipotle – I remember the original opening when I was in high school

Qdoba – of these two, Chipotle is superior…an eternal argument around here

Old Chicago’s – I have read that all the ones in Colorado carry gluten-free beer.

Udi’s – not my favorite…their deli sandwiches are okay at the restaurants and they have good salads, but the granola and gluten-free bread products are virtually inedible

Larabars – we have a ton of health food stuff coming out of Colorado 🙂 , more than I could list

Celestial Seasonings – technically Boulder, Colorado


Molson Coors Brewing Companyof course (Golden, Colorado)

Also interesting, apparently Examiner.com has their headquarters here.

One time my boyfriend and I had an argument on this topic between Seattle (where he is from) and Denver. I think he won – they have some big ones: Google, Amazon, Microsoft, etc.

What started in your city? You can find a pretty comprehensive list on wikipedia.

———– Saturday: Challenge 1,2,3 check! I was so ‘triggered’ in the morning but I just went to swim. I need to stay strong today.

———– Also, my little puppy is very sick so she had to go to the vet yesterday and then to another lady’s house so she could be quarantined with her brother and sister. Hopefully it is just bordatella, but it might be canine influenza and that would be bad. I will maybe get her back tonight.


6 thoughts on “Headquarters

  1. Larabars are something I just start eating in the past month or two and now I cannot get enough!!! I’m on a mission to try every single flavor at least once…

    Sending lots of healthy thoughts to your pup!

  2. Awesome listing! We took a tour of the Coors facility a couple years ago. REALLY neat! Of course right now we are super facinated with all things Colorado, because in a day or two we will be deciding if we are MOVING there!

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