Pick up (the puppy) and carry on

Thursday: Challenge 1,2,3 check

Friday: did great all day until late afternoon – if I can pick up and move on with challenges, I will be okay. Had therapy yesterday and made a good plan. I don’t think that had anything to do with my problem. I think I can pinpoint the two things it was: beer and panicking about the evening and what I would do after I ate.

This Morning I don’t feel so well but I have my checksheet out again, and I am going to pick up and carry on. Why? Because when I use these skills and cope well I feel: ALIVE, like life is worth living, confident, proud, and powerful. I don’t want to waste another day not having that feeling.

Struggling with deciding if it’s okay to turn to others for some things or if they need me to turn to therapy for now.

The good things Friday: well I was busy all day, and calm, not restless, and did great until 4pm like I said, but then I struggled…but THEN my foster puppy arrived! Her name is Carly! She is so good and cute!


Puppies are so hard to photograph!

She has kennel cough so I have to take her to the vet today. She slept well though, I only had to let her out once in the night and she didn’t even cry. They think she is ten weeks old. I was stressing about this yesterday….whyyyyy did I do this?

 But then I decided that instead of focusing on the stress, to take this experience and “use” her. There are so many skills I can use with Carly. I can also motivate myself by remembering how I have to do well so I can take care of her. THEN my stress from having her will all be worth it because I will have coped well and it won’t be that big of a deal anymore.

 Being busy and succombing to that is the worst. I have also done this with my family…instead of getting all panicky around them, I suggest discussions or activities. This sounds weird to say “use”, but I don’t know another word for it.

Build a life worth living!


5 thoughts on “Pick up (the puppy) and carry on

  1. You’ll go with your gut and you’ll pick the perfect home… just take your time and try not to let it get under your skin too much. You love puppies and this is supposed to be fun for you, right? Make it fun!! How freakin’ exciting though… the puppy is adorable!!

  2. This is the most adorable puppy ever! I don’t think I could foster a puppy though, no matter (or rather because of how much) I love them. I would just get too attached and want her all to myself. I used to volunteer for an animal shelter some year ago and it was a struggle not to get all of them home with me… So happy you are doing well! 🙂

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