Faith over Fear

Wednesday Challenges:

Challenge #1: Swim – yes! 🙂 {also stayed calm about my pain…the neuropathy in my arms often gets painful as well, actually more from using the computer than swimming but when I do both on a given day, it hurts and it scares me because sometimes I can’t move my hands that well….but yesterday I just kept alternating between standing and computer actively without letting the fear take over and I did okay —> FAITH OVER FEAR!}

Challenge #2: DBT Skills:

  • Pro’s and Con’s – In the AM I woke up kind of freaking out and I thought THROUGH the impulse to what I would feel like afterwards. I thought about the pro’s and con’s of coping negatively and the consequences of it (how I would feel afterward). I thought about the reasons I am working on not doing that right now. Then I thought about how great I would feel if I didn’t do it. I thought about a quote I really like: “THINK HOW POWERFUL YOU WILL FEEL COPING POSITIVELY“. So I did it, I coped positively. 🙂
  • Wise Mind – just thinking rationally about things, not over-reacting
  • PLEASE skill – this stands for doing things that physiologically keep your body from getting into SUCH an intense emotional state (treat Physical illness, balanced Eating, Avoid drugs, Sleep, Exercise —yeah the “L” is kind of a place holder) —> Yesterday I made sure I ate when I needed to (because hypoglycemia REALLY affects anxiety….sometimes it is hard for me to tell what I need but I think I did well at it yesterday), I slept, and I exercised. I did drink a beer which I don’t think was a good choice for me yesterday. Sometimes alcohol is fine but sometimes I shouldn’t drink & I think yesterday was one of those days…but it turned out okay.
  • Willingness over Willfulness —> POSITIVE ATTITUDE!
  • Thinking about interpersonal goals and priorities
  • Distracted distress after my nap (anxiety) by reading for a few minutes, then making tea, then doing an activity (cooking).
  • Keeping a good routine, dedicated to this, and reflecting often on its importance

Challenge #3: Good mindset!

I know this all may be kind of boring, but if you are familiar with DBT or like to refresh your skills, I think it is cool to see how other people use it – it gives you hope AND ideas.

Anyways, I promise different posts to come when my arms hurt less. Tonight perhaps.

Randon Question: Do you have a physical ailment that is driving you crazy right now? Mine is my nerve problems of course, but at other times in my life it has been fibromyalgia symptoms – fibro fog in the mornings (gone without dairy or gluten!) and constipation! I am, however, very good with the colds and such lately. Knock on wood. Anyway, this is why illness is in the PLEASE skill: it makes it a lot harder to cope if you are sick or hurting! I know that is one of my biggest triggers because I get so frustrated by it.


One thought on “Faith over Fear

  1. I cope positively by doing the exact same thing you do…somedays its easier than others though, I must admit. Today was a rough one – I have eczema and some days it drives me absolutely insane. Today was one of those days.

    I hope that tomorrow is a better one for you!

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