Numero Uno

Today I am:

  1. Up early because I went swimming at 6am.
  2. Upset because now my arms hurt on the computer and I really wanted to get a lot done today.
  3. Making a plan for that to accomplish one thing (my PA school essay) and then try to stay off it and alternate that with walking and feet activities.
  4. Using DBT skills and pushing away the fear
  5. ABC skills: Accmulating positives, Building Mastery, Coping Ahead
  6. Making myself Numero Uno

Challenge Day 1 —> Challenge #1: Swim —> Check! at 6am no less so I could use the car!

Challenge Day 1 —> Challenge #2: DBT skills used:

  • (This isn’t as detailed as it will be in the future because I didn’t really do the checksheet yesterday yet.)
  • Wise Mind
  • Figure out interpersonal (and personal) goals and priorities
  • Attend to relationships with VALIDATION
  • Problem solving
  • Mindful to current emotion
  • TIP – exercise
  • Willingness over Willfulness

Examples will be included in DBT skills checklist in the future.

Challenge Day 1 —> Challenge #3: Let the past go, move on from here. Focus on me.

  • I let the morning go yesterday. So I woke up okay this morning without self-judgment about that.

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