Tea cups

I have already professed my love for hot drinks many times on this blog. Latte’s & coffee (although usually decaf except one regular cup some mornings), tea of all kinds, hot chocolate.

I will drink tea straight up, or the English way with cream and sugar. My favorite is Mint. It helps my tummy SO much. I drink 3 cups a day, even in the summer.

I have to have my coffee French-pressed.

I also have an obsession with tea cups, china, mugs, and the like. Nice dishes and an espresso machine are the two top things I can’t wait to put on my wedding registry. 

These are my mom and dad’s GORGEOUS blue dishes from their wedding. Blue is my favorite color. I am pretty much in love with these dishes.

And that is a coconut macaroon. I also love pastries and cookies that GO with tea and coffee. It was so good.



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