Some of my faves:

  1. Veggies – love them! I don’t like many kinds of fruit, at all, except green apples (which I love), but I love vegetables: brussel sprouts, beets, celery, butternut squash and eggplant, baked potatoes, spinach, romaine lettuce, fresh tomatoes, and corn on the cob come to mind
  2. Other foods: Granny Smith apples and peanut butter sandwiches – I could live off these two things; in fact I pretty much do!
  3. Holiday – with question…4th of July!!! ITS GOING TO BE AMAZING THIS YEAR, BEST EVER!
  4. Actress – I am in love with Blake Lively
  5. Actor – Leonardo DiCaprio, you are amazing!
  6. Comedy – After all these years, “Wedding Crashers” still cracks me up
  7. Beer – Odell Brewery, Fort Collins, CO : Easy Street Wheat — for gluten-free beer; New Planet Tread Lightly Ale (also from Colorado, of course – we are king of microbreweries)
  8. Zoo animal – elephants
  9. Song – “Romeo and Juliet” – I love both The Killers and Dire Straits versions
  10. Color – BLUE! 🙂

Your turn: tell me a fave in at least one of these categories, or all…I love learning these things about people.


7 thoughts on “Faves

  1. The first 3 vegetables you listed: beets, brussell sprouts and celery are the 3 I hate the most, hahaha. My faves are carrots, peas and broccoli (steamed). As for other foods I love anything with peanut, almond or cashew butter on it! Favorite holidays is Christmas… actor is Clive Owen… don’t have a favorite actress… comedy is probably something silly like “Clueless” or “The House Bunny”… I actually hate beer more than I hate brussell sprouts… zoo animal is shark… song is too many to list and color is baby blue, like the sky on a sunny day! Cute post!!

  2. I love roasted brussel sprouts! My color is black and my favorite actor is Clive Owen. And I am obsessed with those black and white comedies from the fifties, think Katherine Hepburn-Spencer Tracy kind of films. But my favorite film should be Casablanca or Gone with the wind. I guess the last remnants from when I was young and romantic 😛 Though now that I am thinking of it, none of the films has a happy ending..

  3. Ok, ah-hem:

    1. Veggies-Roasted broccoli, cherry tomatoes, cauliflower
    2. Other foods- pretty much anything PB related, oh and greek food
    3. Holiday-Son’s birthday!
    4. Actress-Reese Witherspoon, Julia Roberts, Scarlett Johansson
    5. Actor-Tom Hanks, Johnny Depp, Nicholas Cage, Kevin Spacey, Al Pacino
    6. Comedy-Office Space, Harold & Kumar
    7. Beer- None, ewww..the man likes Shiner Bock tho
    8. Zoo animal- any of the big cats
    9. Song-Anywhere-Tim McGraw
    10. color-changes all the time! mostly blue pink or purple

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