Dog therapy

Sometimes….all I need is to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!

Even if it’s just to a doctor’s appointment. Even if it’s to the OB/GYN. (I actually have no problem going to the OB/GYN at all.)

I got an IUD inserted today. Specifically the Paraguard Copper IUD. It actually went really well (even though I was SO nervous). Don’t tell me anything bad if you have had a bad experience, I don’t want to overreact and extrapolate it to myself since it’s going well so far, knock on wood! 😉

I can’t and won’t take hormones. I can’t because the hormones decrease the efficacy of one of my other medications and vice versa. And condoms are getting a little old. So I needed something. This was the option – the non-hormonal IUD. Yes, TMI.

Today I got out of bed. I went to the doctor appointment. I feel better.

Tomorrow morning, I am going to go swimming.

Then I have two mental health appointments which are going to be really draining but will at least keep me busy.

Guess what? 🙂 I am going to go back and stay with B in two weeks.

AND everything is good.

AND I got my next Morland Dynasty books!

AND I am going to get a dog soon! I am REALLY interested in this one from another rescue that is half Corgi/half Border Collie (ya’ll know I have wanted a Corgi for a long time). SHE IS SO CUTE! And I talked to the foster mom today and she said the dog heels and will walk beside you off the leash (I need that becasue pullers…ahem…basset Deeter…ahem) hurt my nerves. She also knows all commands, is housetrained, doesn’t bark, and loves kids and other dogs. She just hates cats, but that’s okay because I don’t like cats. But B does so maybe that might be an issue sometime. He said I could get her though and it didn’t matter. My mom also said I could get here and keep her here while I still live here (an amazing thing for her to say!).

I guess everyone just realizes how therapeutic dogs are for me.

When I got my basset hound in college, it really changed my life around in a lot of ways. Even though he was a pickle and caused a lot of stress, he brought me a lot of joy and got me through a lot of hard times by making me laugh and by our walks together. He died last August prematurely of cancer if you don’t know. I need a funny dog.

So now I am ready to get a new dog. I didn’t want to for quite awhile because I was still really sad about my buddy.

B is on board so I am starting to get excited to get one soon. 🙂

Well, for now, I petted Rooster today. She is a sweetheart.


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