Defining my blog

Hi everyone! Hope you are having a great day!

What is my blog about? What do I want it to be about?

  • Chronic illness and pain
  • As yet undiagnosed chronic conditions – my nerve disorder, as I call it – and being physically limited
  • How I deal with the above
  • Mental Health
  • Some humor – I am a very joking person in real life.
  • Taking care of myself.
  • My gluten and dairy intolerances & adding in more healthy food
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Military life for now, but soon about starting our life together when his contract ends in May and he gets out of the Army
  • Travel
  • Dogs!
  • Reading
  • My life-long love of learning and my pursuit of a health care/science- based career
  • Unemployment, and eventually working again….it WILL happen!
  • This year, I want to flow more towards positive things! B and I setting up our home together, getting a job, getting a new dog, travel, events and fun stuff we do, etc. But I will still talk about mental health and my physical health, and especially their interaction, because that is something that is unfortunately pretty significant in my life right now.

*I am trying to write one blog post today. That is my goal. I know I don’t have many readers…but if you have any questions for me, just ask!

Since I started this blog, I have connected with so many people and improved my outlook on life in so many ways and I feel blessed for that. I have gained faith and courage. I am so excited to keep blogging and to keep connecting with others and find inspiration!


7 thoughts on “Defining my blog

  1. You should write about how you and your military man are going to start your life once his contract is up… it must be so exciting to think about what your life will be like! Especially when he will be home and you will be THRILLED!

  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog today – glad to see you back, and to see how you’re doing here. I like that you have your blog focus all set and thought out…I think its helpful to stay in tune with your ideas and passions.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. This is really well thought! I am still trying to define my blog, see what and to what extent I am comfortable sharing and I am nowhere close to being as clear as you! I am always partial to the books and book reviews, what can I say that’s how I found you! 🙂

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