In the New Year…

…I’ve got three words I want to keep in my mind and my heart.

  • I want to TRUST. Trust in the process of life. Trust that everything will work out okay if I love myself.
  • I want to LOVE MYSELF. I want to go for my dreams and leave my fear and guilt behind. I want to own my OWN LIFE. I want to enjoy my blessings. I want to leave all the self-hatred behind, leave the past behind, and move forward.

2 thoughts on “In the New Year…

  1. Well said. I will be keeping these three words in my heart as well…and I hope that I can leave all the self-hatred behind too.

    Happy New Year! I hope that you are successful in everything you wrote in this post and more.

    PS – your comments were going to spam! Not sure why…

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