Continuing the Search for Employment

I am hard on the employment trail tonight.

I am REALLY getting ready to work again. It has driven me crazy in the last 2 1/2 years to be unemployed, but I really recognize that due to my medical issues, it was kind of the way things had to be that I didn’t work. Mentally as well, I needed other things Fall/Winter 2009 especially and then last Spring 2010, my physical pain was much more intense.

But now I am ready to work again. I will take anything, but I am really ready to be a professional.

I applied to FIVE jobs tonight, and I am really interested in all of them. I would really like to use my degree again. I would also really like to work in a university setting. So two of the jobs were to work as a professional research assistant in a science-based environment (one in Radiology and MRI diagnostics is really interesting to me), one to work as a research assistant and general aid for a School of Nursing, one at a different university as an Administrative Coordinator in the Biology Dept. (COOL!), and one as a general administrative assistant in a university setting, which I have part-time expereince in.

I really want to hear back from someone. I plan to follow up with e-mail in 10 days or so and just really put myself out there. I just have to keep applying and working hard at it. I can’t give up. It would be dream to work when B. comes home and have a schedule and be proud of myself and I know I could do it with his support. I will work things out. I am so excited for us to be together again and start our lives.

I know I need a career. I struggle so much and have a really hard time dealing with stress, yet I would never be happy without being busier and using my brain. So I don’t want to be afraid. It will be so motivating to me to take care of myself if I have something real, engaging, and ambitious to focus on. Those two things have to go together for me, they just do.

Our beautiful tree

Amaryllis - my mom always gets these around Christmas

* Just as an update. It was SO SO SO good for me to stay home this Christmas Eve. I feel refreshed and ready to take on the Christmas festivities tomorrow, even looking forward to it a little bit. 🙂 I am so glad I took the leap to listen to myself and honor my needs.


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