Feliz Navidad

This seriously kind of feels like the first cold day we have had in Denver this year. SO weird. I liked it though! Everyone kept posting on facebook that they were praying for snow and I was canceling them out by doing the opposite the whole time. Anyway, it’s cold but not too bad and we only got an inch of snow. My feet might get wet but I still am going to go on a mini-walk in my socks in a bit. 🙂 Yes, I am crazy. I just wear two pairs of thick socks now.

I want to try these though and see if they would hurt me feet or not:


Had my first appointment with my new therapist today and I really liked her.

The office that she works at with my insurance (I have an HMO plan) is so far away, it takes about 40 minutes to get there. But she is the only person who specializes in what I need that I can see on Friday’s and since my dad said it is okay, I am just going to take his word for it and not feel guilty or worried about how he has to drive me so far.

Do you know what I decided about those kinds of situations (when someone SAYS something is okay and yet I still obsess over whether it is and feel guilty)? I decided that if THEY say it is fine, I am going to totally give in to believing it is and not think about it again. If they say it’s fine and they are lying, that is their OWN problem with not being able to say “no” and not mine.

Anyway, the next two weeks I just have to talk to her on the phone, because their offices are closed for Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. That kind of sucks because I started realizing how much better it really is to talk in person. But it will be okay. And then I can go regularly every Friday, same time, same person. But I liked her so that is good.

Things to be glad for:

  1. My dad actually being a person who likes to drive around, and how much he helps me do things like that on Friday.
  2. My good neurology appointment Weds and good appointment today.
  3. B. is coming home around Jan 7th plus or minus a week. YAY! His scheduled time keeps getting earlier. He won’t be in Colorado but he will be in Tennessee (his home station for the rest of his contract) and in a few more months he can move back to Colorado.
  4. I had a good swim today even though it was only ten minutes.
  5. Watching “Despicable Me” last night with my sister. I love that movie!
  6. That I was proactive about applying to the volunteer opportunities posted at Planned Parenthood yesterday. I did it and I will figure out the bus somehow. Maybe by the time they get it all processed, B. and I will be living together and I can start right away!

Gru from Despicable Me

For some reason I like the Christmas Song “Feliz Navidad”. It played at the pool this morning and made me laugh.


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