Carl and the Ladies

I usually go swim about 9 or 10am.

On weekdays, this just happens to be during the old ladies’ water aerobics class.

There are three lap lanes. Usually it’s just the ladies taking up half the pool and then me swimming my laps in the lanes on the other side.

They are very amusing.

I won’t go into too much about the trauma that happens when my timing isn’t right and I hit it so we all end up in the locker room at the same time. Let’s just say that they have no qualms about walking around and having full conversations in the nude about their husbands, medical appointments, grandchildren, and house maintenance problems. They will just talk for 5 full minutes without any clothes on. Sometimes they talk to me like this. And there are 20 of them. It is interesting. I’ve gotten used to it. Go them. Now it only bothers me when they talk about sex (that happens a lot more than you would expect and isn’t anything you want to know about).

Anyway, the point of this story is Carl. My favorite days are when Carl comes to class. He is the only man in an aerobicizing sea of swimming elderly ladies (who do more talking than actually exercising).

Let’s just say that when you’re old….there aren’t that many men left compared to how many ladies are left. Thus, Carl is quite popular for that reason and for being the old male around.

He gets swarmed like a bunch of teenage girls spotting Justin Bieber.

“Oh my gosh. Carl’s here today.”

“Hi Caaaaarl! Saved a spot for you in the shallow end.”

“Oh hi Carl. SO glad you could make it today. Isn’t this crazy weather we are having.”

At first I judged Carl for being the only man doing water aerobics. Then I figured out he is a genius and this is all part of his plan, like a guy walking a puppy.

Just as long as no one sleeps with Carl and then talks about it in the locker room, I’ll be good.


5 thoughts on “Carl and the Ladies

    • I am doing better, thanks. I have just been planning some things for the future that I am excited about and finding more patience with life. And I am REALLY excited for my boyfriend to come home from Afghanistan in a month!

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