I Know I Can

Good morning!

I have energy today. 🙂 And FAITH. 🙂

A lot of things on my to-do list, but that does NOT make me feel overwhelmed. I get really bored around my house and love to be busy. I get EXCITED when I have a lot of things to do. 🙂

Main things:

  • Swim – check! It was lovely. Except I had to share a lane and the lady who asked to share scared the shit out of me when I popped my head up and she asked. It was funny.
  • Laundry – sheets and clothes; I am running out of socks so bad (like I can’t find any). I have no idea why!
  • Swiffer the floors – I love cleaning! So satisfying and get some energy out.
  • Clean the bathrooms
  • Dust
  • Call my current therapist
  • Call my potential new therapist (see more below)
  • Call to make an appointment with my hated psychiatrist
  • Get B’s mom’s Christmas package ready
  • Dog volunteer work
  • Go on a mini-walk
  • Apply to 2 jobs
  • Write! I really want to write a few articles to send in somewhere and work on my short stories.
  • Make/Finish my Christmas cards

The last two are pleasurable activities that I hope to do tonight. I like to put them on there to remind myself that there are a lot of things I CAN do to cope with my restlessness.

I am having some trouble making some decisions about my new therapist issue.

It’s the transportation thing mostly. I cannot get this idiot lady to call me back that runs the eating disorder department with my insurance. I have to decide if I am willing to ask my dad to drive all the way (literally) across town to see this lady I talked to yesterday (and set up an appointment with for the 17th) or if I should try and try to get idiot and rude supervisor to call me back to try to go on a Thursday afternoon with someone else at a somewhat closer location (still far-ish though). Then I don’t know who it would be or if I could even start this month. And I had a good experience so far on the phone with this lady I already have an appointment with. Bottem line: I need to figure this out TODAY!

Thought of the day: Read something similar to this on a blog today. It was about how a mental and physical health is found when you stop trying and thinking about it so much and just LIVE it.


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