Celebrating Me

In lieu of my previous posts celebrating needing to feel in control that it’s MY life, I thought I would share some things that are ME!

I like…

  • Any and all exercise! Limited now to what I can do with my peripheral neuropathy, but still love my swims.
  • Foods – salads, latte’s, hot chocolate, apples, Thai food, sushi, Chinese, seafood, peanut butter
  • Alcholic Drinks – mimosas, Prosecco, beer (now limited to gluten-free but there are some pretty good ones), gin&tonics, wine…all depends on what I am in the mood for

drinkinventor.com - really cool blog by the way

  • sunshine and ‘warm’ season
  • love…okay, I love love! 🙂
  • DOGS! Can’t wait to get my corgi next summer

  • Walks and being outside
  • anything French and speaking the French language
  • Jennifer Anistan romantic comedies (I just watched The Bounty Hunter) and any movie that wraps up where everyone is happy at the end
  • Harry Potter
  • Sex and the City
  • Reading!
  • being spoiled by my boyfriend and romance 🙂

  • journaling
  • being busy
  • getting my alone time
  • cocktail hour and good conversation
  • game nights
  • going to the zoo – I visit the zoo or aquarium in every city I visit…or at least try to

at the Denver Zoo; denver.org

  • learning – about history, science, art, anything
  • Reality TV!
  • getting dressed up and going out to dinner and feeling glamourous
  • being me

I don’t like…

  • big breakfasts
  • eating and drinking alcohol at the same time…one must have cocktail hour and then stop drinking and have dinner
  • cats…although I am starting to tryyyy to come around on this one a little
  • winter
  • Halloween and Thanksgiving
  • dark chocolate
  • people who don’t accept others for being shy 😉
  • basketball (NBA = yuck)
  • sitting for very long
  • greasy food
  • Julia Roberts
  • staying up really late

There are more of both but all that is okay! I AM ME!


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