When you need a Plan C

I worked really hard yesterday.

Really hard. I swam, I cleaned, I cooked dinner, I applied for several jobs, I organized and paid all my bills for this month (actually caught up this month, yay!), and I did a lot of research for my future.

Sometimes just doing ‘research’ feels like I wasted so much time and ends up frustrating me so much because you find a lot of roadblocks to plans. But if you really think about it, you HAVE to do that research sometime! Does anyone else get frustrated with stuff like that?

So what I decided yesterday is the following:

  1. First, I need three plans (A, B, and C) for the future (this is career-wise speaking) that involve varying degrees of work & time to complete.
  2. Second, I need to realize that RIGHT NOW, I am DOING ALL THAT I CAN to set things up and research. All I can do is apply for jobs, study, research, plan, and take care of myself in the meantime, and BE PATIENT.

by Doug Savage; savagechickens.com

So, without further ado, my three plans:

  • A) Plan A = Pharmacy School: This is still my big plan – 4 year program. I am taking the PCAT in January no matter what and then extending the application timeline as to not rush things. There are so many pro’s to doing this once I actually get the work done (like it being my dream job and lots of cash dollars), but the con’s are the length of the program, the amount of pre-req’s I have to take before I even start (main drawback), and how those pre-req’s limit the schools I can apply to because each school is specific.
  • B) PLAN B = Physician’s Assistant school:In my research yesterday, I figured out that a nearby school I want to go to has changed their policy and are now allowing students who already have a B.S. in the sciences to apply without all these dinky/specific pre-req’s that always trip me up! (Wow, thank you for common sense finally!) I just need a B.S. to apply + 2000 hrs of paid clinical experience (about 1 year of work). They really emphasized that it needs to be patient-contact experience on one page, but then another page it just says medical/healthcare. I think it would be bullshit if they didn’t my hospital laboratory experience, but you get an essay to argue about that or tell how that experience is relevant so I really think I would be okay. My point is, I would still really like that career and have thought about it since college (same idea as the nurse practitioner) so what would it hurt to throw out the application (only thing I would be out is the $25 fee and writing the essay)?! It’s due in April to start August. I really like this particular program. I was really excited about this yesterday: good price, only 2 years, and I think we could really work around my disability!
  • C) Plan C:  The last part is almost the most frustrating…trying to find a little work-from-home job or office job as a receptionist or a temporary healthcare career until I can get into school or figure other things out. So I keep applying to these little jobs, but I am also thinking about medical billing (probably need to take a class for that to actually get a job) or becoming a pharmacy technician. Or even getting a lab certification. It’s like I can’t get a break on a little thing like that. That would just ease so much restlessness for me until I can get the real career started, it would give me time to slow down and not be so frustrated. I just get really skeptical about for-profit schools. Has anyone has success or a good experience with those?

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