Coming up…

Thanks for your comments yesterday.

Sometimes I am afraid that people (not just blog people but my family, etc too) will think that my hard time has been going on so long, they will give up on me.

So sometimes I feel anxious to tell them that even I believe it won’t go on forever (most days 😉 ) so that they don’t give up on me. I feel like if they start giving up on me, I will give up on myself because I need them to believe in me when I am at my most down. I think most people need encouragement and the strength of someone else believing in them at those times.

But I really DO look forward to a time when things are much better. So I wanted you all to know that there will be fun things to read, and I want myself to know there will be fun things to write, on this blog in the future…hopefully near-ish future.

  • I look forward to writing about wedding planning and getting married and my proposal.
  • Next summer I want to get another dog. I am starting to feel comfortable with the idea again since my basset died in August. So there will be lots of dog pictures. I am thinking I really want a Corgi right now, but I am still thinking a little bit. My aunt in Montana has a nearby neighbor that breeds horses (where she bought her horses) and Corgi’s and I want to buy a puppy from a reputable breeder so that would be cool.
  • B and I are just in general going to get to do SO many fun things: festivals, going out, so many activities, travel. So I want to document those things. No more just sitting at home because I can’t drive and my friends are too busy to come pick me up sometimes. (FYI: I DO go out to dinner and stuff, but I do spend a lot of time at home because of my pain and how it’s hard to get around.) Plus, I have no money and B treats me to a lot of things. 😉
  • Getting a place and getting to live with B again (after we are engaged). He is having fun looking at little houses and townhomes and it will be so nice to have a HOME again and a place of our own to decorate and be proud of and to get to sleep together every night again.
  • Spring and Summer will always come again. 🙂
  • And a hopeful one: I am taking the PCAT on January 22nd. For real this time. I am starting to feel ready to take it and excited about it. So hopefully it will be exciting to write about beginning that career path. I am anxious to have a back-up plan too but I don’t know what else to do. I doubt myself so much about getting in, etc. But I want it so bad. I also really hope to FINALLY get one of these HUNDREDS of jobs I have applied for in the last year and be able to be a real member of society again. Either way, I am determined to work out some kind of career/job thing in the next year.

Some of these are sure, some will come quicker than others, but they are all things I look forward to.

How cute is this basset hound cake topper?! 🙂

Caves off the coast of Phuket; can't wait for more trips like this!

Nai Yang Beach where we ate dinner

My aunt's horses in Montana


What are you looking forward to that keeps you going?


2 thoughts on “Coming up…

    • You deserve the break! It will be such a nice feeling to totally relax after all your hard work, hang in there. THink about how much MORE special it makes the holidays to be able to appreciate the break. 😉

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