Heading home

Well, snowstorm (and high of -3 degrees today here in Montana) have forced my family to cancel plans to drive up here for Thanksgiving. So I bought a flight home last night for today. I have decided that I had a good time here and am glad I came, but I am also really relieved to be going home today. I think two weeks is too long to travel anywhere. And I have been here 10 days now and so I am ready to go home. But I learned and value a lot from this trip. It was hard, though in different ways from home like I said.

Things I have learned/value from this trip:

  • Time spent with my aunt and cousins and the baby. My favorite aunt is the one I am visiting. All her husband’s family lives up here but none of her own. And she gets pretty wintered in as you can imagine with the weather and long winter. And my cousin, for some reason unknown to me, has always looked up to me and loved me. It is special to me because while I am the oldest of three sisters, my younger (middle) sister always bullies ME and I don’t often feel like the oldest. I know it meant SO much to them that I came here.
  • Getting to see baby Brady 🙂 He is so cute and I don’t know when I will see him again and as we know, they grow so fast. He is 5 months old today and it was really special to see him. Also special to support my cousin because she is a young(ish) mother and having a little bit of a hard time, although she has a wonderfully supportive family.
  • I did overall have less physical anxiety symptoms (although still had some panic attacks) and more/different distractions here. I got a lot of fun creative projects done and half my Christmas presents made.
  • Although the hardest part of this was to not have control over my swimming, the swims I did have were amazing in the therapeutic, warm, hot springs water that was 88*F. 🙂 I was able to swim twice as long as normal. The only reason I swim is for my mental health, it reduces my anxiety so much, so it was hard not to have control over that. But I DID get to go every other day, and I will cherish the feeling of that warm pool when I have to go in my cold one at home.
  • I learned to appreciate my home and the things I have there, and I think I will have a much better time coping at home remembering that lesson. I reinforced my continuing lesson of practicing patience.




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