There is Peace Within YOU

When I shift my focus from the stress to the center of my core, and the stillness and peace there, I am reminded of the deep peace within.

When I feel stressed today, I need to center myself and breathe and say, “I am still present here. My center is in the same place, it is not in chaos. In this moment, I am okay.”

I am going swimming this morning. Not sure what time, which bugs me. But my aunt said we are going this morning and she is coming with me. Remember, I am supposed to trust her, right? And thus stop worrying. We plan to go tomorrow too. And Monday when she goes to the next town for work training, she can drop me off because it’s on the way.

Trust: something I really need to work on and something I admire B. SO much for always having. Trust that everything will turn out okay. And that those that truly care about me will keep their word or at least help work it out with me if unforeseen circumstances arise.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Trust in myself! That my center is peaceful and okay in each moment. That I can cope well, that I can do it.

This is what I am going to say to myself today, but modified.

Trust your hopes, not your fears. TRUST YOURSELF.

I am often so scared of myself. And perhaps there are parts of me that I should be scared of. But there are parts of me, like my center, that hold peace and hope. And I need to focus on those parts, believe in them, and trust them. The more I do that, the stronger they will become.


One thought on “There is Peace Within YOU

  1. I think we are all scared of ourselves in one way or another! You are so right that we need to trust ourselves and our decisions because more often than not things turn out exactly the way they should.

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