Strength learned from hard times

Continuing with this “Daily Word” stuff…sorry, I just find it so comforting every day and it is amazing how it hits home that day a lot. I keep sharing so I can remember and solidify it in my brain. And so I can share. Today’s is about how each experience you go through prepares you for the next one by the lessons you learn and the strength you gain from it.

“I can see how each event has led me to a greater understanding of God. I see how one experience prepares me for another; there is divine order in life’s path. Every event and lesson has contributed to my understanding….When I get up and try again, when I overcome challenges and succeed, I gain a new awareness of the power of God within me.”

  • I don’t think this has to be about fate or a plan set out before you that is pre-determined. Just that each experience prepares you with strength for the next one and shows you that strength later when you need to look back on it. We use so many lessons in each moment that we have already learned even if it is unconscious. I remind myself often, “I have gotten through times like this before and I can do it this time too.”

I realized it’s a Catholic publication and that I am an idiot for not realizing that before. My dad’s family is historically Catholic. What I mean is: I feel like Catholicism is like Judaism, it just gets passed down. 😉 So even though my dad isn’t a practicing Catholic (and I occasionally go to an Episcopal church which I really like), I feel like I am half-Catholic because he grew up like that and my Grandma was, even though neither are at all anymore, like I said. My aunt, my dad’s sister, is though, so she is the one who bought this subscription for me. It doesn’t really matter, just interesting history.

I have so many topics run through my head for this blog. I don’t think I end up articulating them that well, but that’s ok.

Today was a really rough day. I felt a really crushing depression. I am not sure what it was from. I really miss B. today and feel lonely. But I have my bear. I have a huge teddy bear collection and I usually bring one with me when I travel. I never played with baby dolls, just my bears. This one is one B. sent me from Afghanistan. I am a dork. 😉


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