“The Daily Word”: Things to Share

My aunt gets the devotional “The Daily Word”. I have been reading each day’s page and really reflecting, and finding it really comforting. I plan to order it for myself to receive in the mail. www.dailyword.com

I truly believe this. That peace and grace doesn’t HAVE to be a wonderful feeling where everything is good (although you can feel moments like that and they ARE wonderful). It can be found in hard moments when you can love yourself and find calm in your heart.

I know peace is possible.

There is grace in every moment.

That is my absolute favorite thing to say to myself and my goal.

Another thing, from Monday’s Daily Word: “I discern what is mine to do.”

  • “If I find myself becoming overwhelmed [making a decision], I step back, remembering that I need never make a decision alone; the spirit of God is with me. Logic is helpful but inner guidance leads the way.

I get to go swimming tomorrow. If I get to go every other day, I will be okay. And that is what my aunt has promised me and I have to trust.


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